Qantas’ 787 is definitely one of the most talked about subjects in the Australian travel space. Not only is it a new aircraft for the carrier but it’ll also be operating the world’s longest flight from Perth – London non-stop. The flight will clock in at over 17 hours which is receiving mixed reactions from passengers.

The new aircraft is in a 3 class configuration, Business, Premium Economy and Economy totalling 236 seats.

The first route the newly minted aircraft will operate will be Melbourne to Los Angeles and a few months later, the next route will be Perth to London.

As the 787-9 will be based in Melbourne, it will be operating a feeder flight to Perth. The flight number for the whole service is QF9. You’re able to purchase just the Melbourne – Perth leg if you want to, but it’s only being sold as a 2 class flight.

Qantas’ 787 Premium Economy

I had a think about it and thought, will Qantas make Premium seats available for elites or will they able to be purchased if they’re empty? 

I reached out to Qantas with the question and was told that they will only be available for the passengers going through to London.

This got me thinking, why not sell the seats on the domestic leg? The prices for Business are usually very high and most won’t be prepared to fork out 2-3k for a 4, 5-hour flight which is understandable.

Or if there are seats empty, why not allow Platinum’s and Platinum One members the ability to choose the seats? This would be a really nice benefit for those flights and I imagine it would be very popular.

What’s your take, would it make sense for Qantas to sell Premium on the domestic route or keep it just for international passengers?