Qantas Announces New Tableware For The End Of The Year

by Zac George
a table with white dishes

Qantas has today unveiled new tableware which will be used both in select lounges as well as onboard in certain cabins. Qantas have been using Marc Newson cutlery and tableware for a long time but they will soon be switching to bespoke products by the brand, Noritake.

Qantas explained that the new cutlery and tableware was designed alongside David Caon who is in charge of the 787 interiors for the carrier. The airline also said with the upcoming delivery of the Dreamliner, it’s given the airline a chance to change and alter products for the better.

If you’re interested, here’s what the new products will look like:

The cutlery is all stainless steel.

a fork and knife on a napkin

Qantas new Noritake products

And all of the crockery is fine bone china.

a white plate and a small cup

Qantas new Noritake products

Qantas will also be introducing new modern Glassware.

a group of empty wine glasses

Qantas new Noritake products


a group of white vases on a table

Qantas new Noritake products


a white teapot and a cup on a table

Qantas new Noritake products


a table with white dishes

Qantas new Noritake products

The new products will first appear on the inaugural Melbourne – Los Angeles flight with the 787 Dreamliner on December 15th, from then on, they’ll be rolled out into First Class, Business and Premium Economy on the A380 and 747’s, Domestic Business Class on the 717’s, 737’s and A330’s. On top of that, they’ll also feature in the First and Business Class lounges.

The change in cutlery is positive enhancement from the carrier and it’s good to see them wanting to keep improving their products. However, the Bernardaud and Studio William cutlery and tableware on Etihad will remain my favourite 😉

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Chris R July 20, 2017 - 5:03 pm

Too Asian (Noritake is Japanese, of course), meaning the current QF service is just fine and fits in better with Qantas. Another change for change sake.

Mitchell July 20, 2017 - 5:22 pm

The old cutlery and crockery was also made by Noritake. The old ones were designed by Marc Newson, that’s the difference.

Donald July 20, 2017 - 5:34 pm

The cutlery looks stubby and cheap. Like the kind that comes in kits when you go camping.

The crockery/dishes are dull to the point of tedium. A sea of boring beige–except for those random gray smudges that look like dirt. I don’t want to eat food served on grey smudges.

The glassware is pretty, but frankly everything pictured looks like it came from Ikea.

The Southeast Asian carriers have the most beautiful crockery, along with the Middle East carriers.

Paul July 21, 2017 - 11:45 am

The cutlery looks cheap. The other items look good, but not sure its really an improvement. I second the smudged plates. That is awful. Should be a good time to get some extra newsome plates from the QF store before they are gone.

Airlineklepto August 5, 2018 - 11:42 pm

The new cutlery is definitely an improvement but it still has that silly groove. The old ones were heavy and ugly. The new plates are fine except for the smudge but honestly what a complete waste of money when the previous Newson design was perfectly fine- I event bought a couple of sets from Myer. Why employ designers etc to make all these pointless. changes. Same thing for the “new” logo and font. Surely the money spent on such trivial nonsense would have been better spent on making fares more competitive or making meaningful enhancements to the flight experience.

Captain Peter R. Miller August 20, 2018 - 5:56 pm

The present cutlery is clunky, difficult to hold and hurtful to the hands. It looks like any old cutlery from a camping store. It may pack easily on the service trolley but it is horrible to look at and use. Where has style and beautiful design gone? The ” new” cutlery looks just as bad. I have nicer and more presentable cutlery in my kitchen drawers, purchased from the mega prolific Woolies. I have complained about the Marc Newson design since its introduction and by letter in 2012. I have just reiterated my complaint to Qantas and in researching that, found this new move to Noritake. They have produced curvaceous and beautiful cutlery in the past. Why should they produce camping equipment for Qantas First Class? If these photos are correct, I will have to draw out my quill and continue complaining. It’s madness.

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