Good evening from Melbourne! You may or may not have noticed but I’ve recently been inactive on the blog and there’s been a lack of posts. First of all, I want to thank those who sent messages to see if everything was ok. Just to clarify, I’m perfectly fine and well.

I don’t want to make excuses but my motivation lately has been reduced and that’s due to a number of reasons. Slowly and surely it’s coming back and I’m getting excited to be back blogging again.

I’ve recently been working hard on my award booking company (which was actually started a few years ago) and it’s gotten very busy but I’m now happy with the progress and effort I’ve put into it. On top of that. I’m currently working on a side project and the details about that will be released when I’m able to publicly release details.

Just before I had a break from the blogging, I posted about the changes that will be coming and I’m happy to say that 90% will be going ahead. However, the 4-5 posts a day won’t be possible when working on 3 projects simultaneously. I’m aiming to do at least 1 post a day, 2 if time permits.

It’s great to be back writing and I’m looking forward to showing you as the audience more content. I’ve got a number of reviews already lined up and set to be posted within the coming days.

As always, I heavily appreciate the constant support and readers of the blog – without you guys, I’d be lost.

Happy travels!

Zac George.