Earlier this year at ITB in Berlin, Emirates unveiled their brand new onboard bar and lounge which is exclusively fitted to their A380’s. The airline now has a total of 96 A380 aircraft and A6-EUX is the newest aircraft in the fleet and the first to feature the new lounge.

The lounge has been modernised from the previous model and it now includes more of a table setting which the previous model lacked. The bar itself keeps it’s horseshoe shape which is great for socialising.

Here’s what the new bar and lounge looks like:

Emirates’ New A380 Bar

The new bar has been modelled around yachts says Emirates. The carrier also say that it can fit 26 passengers and that’s also including 8 sitting which is quite impressive. If you’ve ever flown and tried the old bar, you’ll also notice that the wood colour is quite different and isn’t as ‘blingy’ as it used to be, I think the new lounge looks a lot more luxurious and modern.

If you haven’t flown on Emirates’s A380 and aren’t sure what the previous bar looks like, here it is:

Emirates A380 Onboard Bar

As you can see, quite a lot has changed and I really, really like the new look of the lounge. Emirates are set to receive 6 more A380 aircraft by the end of the year and they will also feature the new lounge. At this time, Emirates won’t be going and fitting the new lounge and bar on older models which is quite a shame but understandable as that would come at a very high price tag.

Emirates’ Middle Eastern opposition Qatar and Etihad also have onboard bar’s on their A380’s but both of the carriers have no plans to upgrade their’s as they introduced theirs only a few years ago.

I’ve always believed Qatar has the best onboard bar followed by Emirates then Etihad. With the introduction of Emirates’ new bar, I think it will compete well with Qatar for having the best onboard bar and lounge facility.

Are you excited to see the new bar and lounge flying?