Travelling In Australia? You’ll Need To Arrive At The Airport Earlier From Now On

by Zac George
a large white airplane on a runway

Air travel is unquestionably the safest form of transport, however, the past few years sadly the terror levels in many countries has risen and as a result, there has to be more security input. We’ve already seen many other counties adopt various methods to prevent possible attacks. One of the more major being the U.S and U.K introducing laptops bans which were put in place to stop possible bombs being put in devices larger than mobile phones. Thankfully, the U.S has revoked the ban and flights from the Middle East and Africa are no longer affected. But as for the U.K, theirs is still in place at this time.

Travelling in Australia, especially domestically, is extremely relaxed. You don’t need to take out liquids, you don’t need to take your shoes or jackets off & there’s no ID checks by security. As it stands, Australia’s terror radar is sitting on Moderate and there hasn’t been an increase in security at airports until now.

Yesterday, counter-terrorist officers in Sydney raided houses of multiple terror suspects and foiled plans for trying to bring down an aircraft. Now, just hearing that is quite scary and as a result, the security at all major airports has been stepped up which is resulting in a lot of chaos.

an airplane at an airport

China Eastern at Brisbane Airport

Should you think twice about travelling?

Absolutely not. The terror threat remains at possible and the increased security at national airports is a good thing. Both airports and airlines are suggesting that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before hand for a Domestic flight and 3 hours for an International flight.

Airlines are also starting to send out phone alerts with more details as to what’s happening. There has been no changes as to what you’re able to check-in or take onboard the aircraft. Although, airports are suggesting to pack a little lighter just to make the screening process a little quicker as they’ll be a little more thorough.



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