When airlines take delivery of new aircraft, it’s a very exciting time both for the carrier and also their passengers. Qantas ordered 787’s a number of years ago and they also gave the newer aircraft to their subsidiary Jetstar and return the low cost carrier gave Qantas their A330’s as at the time it suited them better.

Since ordering the new aircraft, it’s safe to say Qantas have been extremely eager to receive their 787’s. Qantas held a major hangar event in November of last year which unveiled their new logo, details of the 787 and also their newer Business and Economy Class which will be fitted to the aircraft.

The airline is set to take delivery of the first 787 in early October and Qantas has just shown off pictures of the major components arriving in Boeing’s Everett field ready to be put together.

Boeing’s Dreamlifter Arriving At Everett Washington (Image – Qantas)

Interestingly, parts of the 787 are sourced from all around the world. The centre fuselage section shown below is sourced from Italy.

Fuselage Section Of The 787 (Image – Qantas)

The nose section is sourced from both the United States and Japan.

Nose Section Of The 787 (Image – Qantas)

And the wing sections are sourced from Japan.

Wing Of The 787 (Image – Qantas)

And if you’re interested, the overall wing span of the 787-9 is 60.1 meters.

Wings Of The 787 (Image – Qantas)

Now Boeing will start putting VH-ZHA together and have it ready for it’s delivery date which will be in early October at this stage.

The newly minted aircraft is said to operate quite a number of familiarisation flights which will be within in Australia and possibly even to New Zealand but there hasn’t been any official word as to the exact routes it will do in that time.

The first route for the carriers 787 will be Melbourne – Los Angeles on November 15th, the second route will be Melbourne – Perth – London which will commence on March 24th 2018.