Singapore Airlines’ Initial 787-10 Aircraft Completes Final Assembly

by Zac George
an airplane in a hangar

Having new aircraft delivered is always an exciting time for an airline, especially if it’s the first of a series. Singapore Airlines are the launch customer for the third generation 787 appropriately names the 787-10. The Singapore based carrier don’t have any other 787 models so it’s quite a significance for them.

The airline first placed their order for the new widebody in 2013 and they ordered a total of 30 aircraft. On top of that, they ordered a further 19 of them this year bringing the total to 49. The new 787-10 is expected to arrive into the fleet in 2018 however, knowing the aviation industry, that could be pushed back to 2019.

Boeing has recently released photo’s of the aircraft in it’s complete form. The new aircraft has completed it’s final assembly (all major parts assembled) and will now undergo tests, painting etc.

an airplane in a hangar

Singapore Airlines 787-10 (Image – Boeing)

The new aircraft looks amazing and will look even better once it’s got it’s full paint.

a large white airplane in a hangar

Singapore Airlines 787-10 (Image – Boeing)

Singapore Airlines being Singapore Airlines, they’ve kept the routes that it will be operating very quiet. All we know at this stage is that the aircraft will be operating ‘medium-haul’ routes. This makes me very excited as Australian flights fall into that category.

I’m excited to see the new aircraft flying and will hopefully try it as soon as it’s in the air. I’ll be keeping an eye out for route announcements and seat maps as that information isn’t available at this stage.



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