Here’s The First Review Of Qantas’ 787 Dreamliner

by Zac George

Yes, only 1 more day until Qantas’ 787 arrives in Australia and I’m extremely excited about it and I’m sure I’m not the only one, yeah I’m talking about all of you #avgeeks. Anyway, the aircraft is currently on it’s way home from Seattle through Honolulu. The aircraft had a quick overnight in Hawaii but will soon be in the air on it’s way to Sydney.

On the flight are a lot of high level media (hopefully one day) and VIP guests and obviously a lot of those onboard will be reviewing the flight so it’s interesting to see what it’ll be like.

Well, one large media outlet has already published their review and it’s quite interesting. There’s a few things I was surprised to see and learn.

If you’d like to read the full review, click here. If not, here’s a summery of some interesting points and facts about the flight:

Limited Edition Qantas 787 Dreamliner Pyjamas (Photo – JANA FRAWLEY/ESCAPE)

For a delivery flight, it looks like it was a lot of fun and from the photo’s everyone was enjoying themselves. It’s nice to see Qantas really going all out.

Embedded image courtesy of Escape magazine.


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