If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you’ll know I have a soft spot for Etihad. I love the airline and have for quite sometime, however, when they do something wrong I’ll post about it and won’t hold back. Etihad has been cost cutting for almost a year and a bit now and sadly it’s gotten worse and worse. Downgrading champagne, taking away pyjamas in Business, the removal of the chauffeur, the list goes on.

I’ve talked about the cost-cutting in lounges before, more so their First Class lounge. This was when their amazing Emirates Palace menu was around and sadly It was taken away. Yes it’s not a massive aspect of the lounge but still quite a large cut.

The airline has a number of brilliant lounges and a few have the Style and Shave facility which I’ve used a number of times and always had great experiences. The carrier also has an Arrivals lounge and it’s pretty fantastic, it too features a Style and Shave.

Well sadly, it looks like Style and Shave has been removed in the Arrivals lounge according to Flyertalk member flying_fozzy. Interestingly Etihad stated that the lounge actually closed in August but this is the first time I’ve seen or heard about it.

Here’s the statement from Etihad,

” Etihad Airways has made changes to its service offering at the airline’s Terminal 3 Arrivals Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

As part of the adjustments, the Shave by Etihad facility will no longer be available at the Arrivals Lounge.

Etihad Airways continues to provide other added value facilities within the lounge, including showers, a clothes pressing service, free Wi-Fi, business centre services, and food and beverage.

Etihad Style and Shave in the Arrivals lounge in Abu Dhabi

Now am I surprised? Absolutely not. I didn’t see it packed whenever I used the lounge but still, that’s pretty severe cost-cutting. Having the ability to have a haircut or shave before leaving the airport was pretty awesome but that’s no longer possible.

Etihad still have the Style and Shave facility in the T1 lounge,t the First Class lounge and the T3 Business Class lounge and you’ll still have to pay for treatments which remains unchanged.

Overall I’m disappointed to see the carrier cut another large aspect of a lounge but really not surprised, you’re better than this Etihad…