Ah yes, Champagne – one of the defining parts of premium travel. When you’re travelling in a premium cabin more so First or Business Class, the selection of champagnes and wines is very important and can be quite competitive for the airlines. Some carriers offer some top shelf and very costly selections while others tend to offer some not so ‘luxury’ beverages, it all comes down to the airline you’re flying.

Singapore Airlines is a carrier that rarely disappoints when it comes to the food and beverages onboard, especially in their First Class. In terms of food, the airline offers things from caviar all the way up to lobster and the champagnes onboard also don’t disappoint. Singapore’s main 2 Champagnes in First are Dom Perignon 2006 as well as Krug Grand Cuvèe. Now as I’m 17, I really can’t tell you which one is better but from the reviews I’ve read, they’re both very nice and top shelf drinks.

There had been rumours for a while that Singapore would change their Champagnes onboard and a lot of people has predicted that they would cost-cut but instead of going backwards, they’re bringing an even better product onboard. I got confirmation today from the airline that they will be serving Krug 2004 Vintage on all First Class and Suites flights where both champagnes are served.

Krug 2004

In case you’re wondering, Krug 2004 Vintage rattails for around $420 in Australia and If I’m right, this means that Singapore serve the second most expensive champagne in the sky after Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines serves Salon 2006 champagne which retails for around $500+

Salon 2006

Ultimately if you’re a champagne fan and fly Singapore Airlines in First, you’re probably going to love this, if not Singapore have a very large menu consisting of spirits, wines, coffee’s, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks.

Have you tried Krug 2004?