If you’re an Australian passport holder and wishing to travel to Brazil, the process for getting your visa to enter the country has always been a pretty timely process and can often be difficult. If you’re under 18, getting the visa is even more timely and even requires a letter of consent.

Luckily for Australian’s a lot of counties are pretty easy to access thanks to either not needing a visa or using the ESTA program. Basically, an ESTA allows you to travel to the United States under the visa waiver program. It’s pretty easy to apply for and when you enter the US, the procedure is very straightforward. Sadly Brazil is one of the hardest countries to visit as an Australian.

If you’ve been looking at travelling to Brazil but haven’t due to the long process of getting that Visa well here’s some good news for you. From November 21st, Australian’s will be able to get a visa electronically and will have it either approved or denied in 72 hours.

Travelling to Brazil as an Australia is about to get a lot easier

Per BrazilGovNews,

“The facilitation of visas aims to reduce bureaucracy and, above all, to boost the entry of foreign tourists into Brazil,” said Tourism Minister Marx Beltrão. The expectation by the Tourism Ministry, based on data from the World Tourism Organization, is that the measure will increase foreign tourist inflows to Brazil by up to 25%.

This means you’ll no longer have to go to the Embassy of Brazil and fill out paperwork for a visa, instead, all you’ll have to do is get the visa on arrival into the country.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the new entry rules from November 21st?

HT – Mestre das Milhas