China Airlines Is Expanding Their A350 Presence In Australia

by Zac George

China Airlines whom the flag carrier of Taipei will be expanding their A350 presence in Australia as well as New Zealand from the 25th of March 2018. The airline already operates their brand new aircraft on the Sydney route which happened only a few weeks ago.

China Airlines operate a direct service to Melbourne while the flight to Brisbane continues onto Auckland then back to Brisbane so this is a great 5th freedom flight to jump onto if you’re wanting to cross the ditch.

The carriers’ A350 looks absolutely gorgeous both in the interior and exterior. The aircraft is in a 3-class configuration with Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

China Airlines A350 Business Class

The Business Class seat is a B/E Super Diamond which is my favourite style of seating and is very similar to the ones found on American’s 787-9Virgin Australia’s 777/A330 and Qatar’s 787/A350. The furnishings, carpet, and the lamp really make the product look luxurious and it’s a product I really want to try. There’s only 32 seats in the cabin which can be made into a 180-degree bed and feature 22” of width and 78” of pitch.

China Airlines A350 Premium Economy

The aircraft is also fitted with a Premium Economy cabin but from what i’m seeing online, it’s actually not being sold. This maybe intentional or maybe introduced at a later date but it’s interesting nonetheless.

China Airlines A350 Economy

And lastly the Economy cabin. Altogether there’s 243 seats in the Y cabin in a 3-3-3 configuration. Each seat has a pitch of 32” and a width of 18.”

Redeeming miles for China Airlines’ A350

Redeeming miles and points for the aircraft is a little difficult for Australian’s which is quite a shame. The airline is in the Skyteam alliance and there’s really no Skyteam earning opportunities here. If you’re a Delta flyer, this is probably your best option followed by FlyingBlue, both of those programs will give you the best value.


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Sam December 22, 2017 - 8:28 am

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Still writing them, there’s quite a lot of posts coming.

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