Frequent Traveler University Is Coming Down Under!

by Zac George

First of all, welcome to 2018. Apologies for the absence from the blog for the past few weeks, I’ve been spending some time with family and good friends but I’m happy to be back posting and spending time on the blog.

Here’s some fantastic news for the new year, on April 14th, Frequent Traveler University will be headed to Australia (more specifically Brisbane) and will be running a course for 2 days at the Marriott hotel.

If you’ve never heard of FTU or are interested in what it is, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Basically FTU is like a conference where miles and points enthusiasts come to learn tips and tricks which will help you be able to travel cheaply.

The events are mostly held in the United States which makes it a bit of an effort for Australian’s but now that there’s an event being held in Australia, there’s no excuse not to go.

I’ve been to 2 events now (Seattle & Las Vegas) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only do you learn a lot of helpful information but you also get to meet likeminded people which really makes it a fantastic event.

Learn how to fly First Class cheaply!

Here’s the list of speakers at the event:

Tiffany Funk of One Mile at a Time
Stefan Krasowski of Rapid Travel Chai
Keith Mason of Points Hacks
Daniel Kinnoch of Points Hacks New Zealand
Zac George of Points from the Pacific
Tess Zhao, Business Travel Expert
Yvonne Strydom, Travel Physiotherapist & Travel Expert at PhysicalTravelSolutions
Nick La Galle of Protect My Photos
Sarah Longstaff, Loyalty Program Expert
David Feldman, Loyalty Program Expert
Will & Christy Maxwell-Steele, Extreme Travellers, New Zealand

As you can see from the list above, there’s a good range of information to be shared and taught. Each session usually runs for about 45 minutes to 1 hour so it’s a good idea to bring a notebook or device to take notes with. Don’t worry if you forget as there will be pens and paper provided.

As well as your pass to the sessions, you’ll also receive free wifi, Coffee & Tea as well as a plated lunch on both days.

If you’re interested in attending FTU Brisbane or want to learn more, click here.

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Evan January 10, 2018 - 4:25 pm

Too bad your not here now mate! I’m in the Gold Coast and would love to meet you all! Have a wonderful event.

Ross Liddell January 27, 2018 - 12:30 am

Zac, you apologised for your absence on the blog due to the festive scene with your last post being over two weeks ago.
Your posting on this blog seems to be very sporadic, particularly for someone who is going to speak at the frequent traveller university visit in April.
Many other bloggers do not go a day without a post let alone 2 weeks.
Is this an indication of your commitment to this blog?

Alex February 6, 2018 - 9:24 pm

He’s been very busy preparing his presentation for Frequent Traveller University entitled ‘How To Run A Blog Working 1 Hour A Week’

Zac George February 6, 2018 - 10:42 pm

Ha funny

James Mullens February 12, 2018 - 1:11 pm

Agree , this VLOG . well let’s be blunt .. it Sucks ! and should be removed from the monetisation of
4 posts in the two months just isn’t realistic to be taken serious as a professional
of which they’ve been short well of the mark for any meaningful content.
I’d welcolme any contact , but you’d be fired by now from any normal type job

Zac George February 14, 2018 - 2:53 pm

So where’s your blog?

Ross Liddell February 14, 2018 - 10:21 pm

With responses such as “ha funny” and “So where’s your blog?”, you clearly are a child and are not professional enough to be taken seriously in this field.
I’m sure there will be some further excuses for your absence in your next post in a month or 2 but it’s unacceptable.

Lesley March 21, 2018 - 5:46 pm

‘should be removed from the monetisation of’ – sorry not quite sure what you mean here. (*boarding) – James do you have a financial stake in the monetisation of or else how is this blog affecting you?

Most bloggers are giving their time for free, spending many hours writing this stuff -as time permits-. Anyone doing points hacking gets their info from a a number of different sources, so not quite sure why you’re relying on one blogger so much.

Keep up the good work Zac, I appreciate anything you may have the time to put out there in the blogosphere and fully realise this is dependent on you fitting it in around the rest of your life. Keep calm and carry on. Just saying.

James Mullens February 19, 2018 - 3:21 pm

Agree wholeheartedly Ross and well said. The journalistic intent of this Blog whilst well meaning and sort out via some sections of the enthusiasts/afficopoandos falls short well of the mark on so many levels.
For starters, the ability to take on constructive criticism in the mainstream. As you have put yourself out there as a travel writer , you will be called to task on so many levels, however retorting in the manner you do , comes across as a spoiled and petulant individual with an over inflated self-worth , with no idea how the real world of jobs , employment in modern day society works. One would assume monetizes it’s Bloggers and you derive some form of compensation ? My honest suggestion for you to you be taken seriously , within media or Blogging not only go back to school , then University and study up journalism. And man … keep your ego in check , modesty and humility are the way forward.. Throwing Tanties in the public forum isn’t a good look at all and God help us if you don’t get your way on board an Airline or in an airport Lounge someday. all the best , but I’m out as former reader from here on in

Ross Liddell March 20, 2018 - 7:56 pm

So…..Feb 7 was your last post on this blog and you supposedly fly 200,000+ miles per year and are speaking at the FTU in Brisbane about your expertise in miles and points.
Once again it is fairly clear that your commitment to this blog and the genuine people interested is not acceptable.

James Mullens March 21, 2018 - 6:29 am

It’s noted that you have withdrawn from the key-note speaker list at the upcoming FTU event in Brisbane , April 14-15.
I guess questions in regards your level of comittment may have caused you unnecessary level of embarrassment and forced your hand to come clean and ‘no-show’ or question of maturity perhaps ? Either way massive lack of professionalism in display with 4 posts in 3 months just doesn’t cut it

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