Qantas’ First Dash-8 With New Interior Is Now Flying

by Zac George
a plane on the ground

My apologies on the lateness of this post as it’s a few days old but still worth posting about nonetheless. Qantas have unveiled their brand new interiors on their Dash-8 fleet with the first one commencing services only a few days ago. The airline will be upgrading not only their -400’s but the smaller -300 & -200 fleet will also see the welcomed upgrade.

The first aircraft to receive the new upgrade was actually a -300 aircraft. The new interiors include leather upholstery, seat cushioning, new carpet and tablet holders.

a row of seats in an airplane

Qantas’ updated Dash-8 interior

The whole fleet of 45 aircraft will be upgraded and that’s expected to be completed by 2019. Qantas states that is takes on average, 10 days to fully re-fit a turboprop aircraft.

Qantas currently have 3 -Q200 aircraft, 11 -Q300 aircraft and 31 -Q400 aircraft.  The -Q200 has 36 seats, the -Q300 has 50 seats and the -Q400 has 74 seats.

a row of seats in an airplane

Qantas’ updated Dash-8 interior

Per Qantas,

“Our turboprop aircraft are a significant part of our network and we’re committed to investing in product and service for regional Australia,” said Mr Gissing.

“We look forward to welcoming our regional travellers onboard our upgraded turboprop aircraft and offering them a better inflight experience.”

a seat in a plane

Qantas’ updated Dash-8 interior

Here’s a look at the new interiors:

an airplane with rows of seats

Qantas’ updated Dash-8 interior

The first aircraft to be fitted with the new interiors and seats is VH-SCE:

a white airplane in a hangar

Qantas’ updated Dash-8 interior


The new upgrade for Qantas’ turboprop fleet is a very welcomed one and a great enhancement for the airline. Often many carriers don’t spend the funds on their regional airline but in this case Qantas has done the opposite and it’s great to see. I travel on the -Q400’s a few times a year so if I travel on one I’ll be review it.

What are your thoughts on the turboprop upgrade from Qantas?

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