Emirates Have Placed An Order For 70 New Airbus Aircraft

by Zac George
two airplanes flying in the sky

It’s no surprise, the middle eastern carriers are known for their extravagant lounges, onboard products and everything in between. The big 3, Etihad, Emirates and Qatar have recently been ordering or cancelling orders for aircraft worth billions. Only 2 days ago, it was announced that Etihad had cancelled their order for 42 A350 aircraft as well as 777X’s. Qatar placed a massive 90 billion dollar order last year for 777X’s, A350’s and quite a few different variants of aircraft.

Meanwhile the biggest carrier of the ME3 has very recently placed an order for 70 new aircraft and for fans of the A380, you’ll be pleased to know they’ll be receiving 14 more of the aircraft.

As you can see from the tweet from Emirates, they’ve placed an order for 40 A330-900NEO’s, 30 A350-900’s, and 14 A380’s totalling $21.4 Billion.

Per Emirates,

“After many months of discussions, we have come to an agreement with Airbus and Rolls-Royce.

“Emirates has been a staunch supporter of the A380 since its very inception. While we are disappointed to have to give up our order, and sad that the programme could not be sustained, we accept that this is the reality of the situation. For us, the A380 is a wonderful aircraft loved by our customers and our crew. It is a differentiator for Emirates. We have shown how people can truly fly better on the A380, and Emirates has set the standards for that by introducing customer experiences that are unique to the A380 like our Shower Spas and Onboard Lounge. The A380 will remain a pillar of our fleet well into the 2030s, and as we have always done, Emirates will continue to invest in our onboard product and services so our customers can be assured that the Emirates A380 experience will always be top-notch.

a white airplane flying in the sky

Emirates A330-900

In my opinion, I absolutely love the look of both the aircraft, especially the A350 and the livery really does look sleek and fits well.

a white airplane flying in the sky

Emirates A350-900

Emirates have stated that they will receive these aircraft between 2019 and 2021, and by 2021, the carrier will have 123 A380’s.

This is a massive order for the carrier considering they’ve already made huge orders in the previous year or 2 including 777X’s, and 787 Dreamliners.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Emirates A330-900 and A350-900 in the skies and what do you think their onboard products will be like?


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