Review – W Brisbane Extreme WOW Suite

by Zac George

I’ve talked about the W Brisbane a few times on the blog now and even reviewed it once on here but that was quite sometime ago now. Recently I stayed at the property with a few people and we decided to splash out as it was quite a special occasion.

The hotel is priced quite well considering Australian hotel prices and they offer a few levels of suites. I’ve stayed in a Wow & Fantastic suite before but on this occasion, we booked the Extreme WOW Suite. For those wanting to know, the price for this room starts at $4500. This was a one off and would never spend that on a room but when with multiple people and for a special occasion, it was a real treat.

Entry Way

There’s only 1 Extreme WOW Suite at the property, however, if you’re travelling with more people, there’s a interconnecting room that can be purchased separately. We found this out only after opening the door (which is normally locked) and found where Nicki Minaj had been preparing for her concert she did 2 days beforehand. There were still small pieces of her wig, makeup and other accessories still in there. The hotel actually had mistakenly forgot to service that room and profusely apologised, we weren’t disappointed in that at all, rather the opposite to be honest.

Real Palm Tree Pot Plant

As you first walk into the room, you’ll find the living area as well as a chair hanging from the ceiling which was a really cool feature. The whole suite itself is 200sqm in size.

Living Area

The suite is fitted with a bluetooth controlled sound system which is fantastic if you’ve got guests and are wanting to entertain. The room is well fitted for people having a special occasion with a few guests as it’s spread out and also features a full size bar. In saying that, having a party or something along those lines is against the rules for obvious reasons.

Living Area

The bar is possibly my favourite thing in the room and really makes it a standout from other suites I’ve stayed in.






Just past the bar is the dining table as well as minibar.

Dining Area

There were some cool and rather peculiar metal animal sculptures on top of the minibar which were interesting.

Metal Animal Features


Living Area

The King Bedroom is located to the right of suite when you walk into the room. The lights and decor are really modern looking and well suited for the younger type of travellers which the W brand really tries to focus on. I’ve always been a fan of the vibrant and interesting patterns in W properties across the world and this hotel didn’t disappoint.


The bedroom features a massive LED TV as well as touch pad controls for all of the lights as well as window blackout shades.


Adjoining the main bedroom is the spacious bathroom which features a bidet style toilet, large bathtub (which is meant to replicate a iron drum from the Australian outback) as well as a 2 person shower.



Bidet Style Toilet




Closet Space

The shower space is huge, big enough for 2 people to fit comfortably. The shower heads were fantastic and the pressure was consistent.

Massive Double Shower

The minbar has a selection of soft drinks, juices and alcohol to choose from, there is a fee for the drinks if you were wondering.


The room also includes the basics like a Nespresso coffee machine and jug for coffee and Tea.

Coffee and Tea


Mugs, Plates & Bowls


The EWOW Suite really did make us go ”Wow.” It’s really well appointed, feels very modern & spacious and is great for having guests over. Would I stay in it again? Absolutely, but at that price it’s not practical. I would recommend this place for couples on their honeymoon or celebrities, hence Nicki choosing this room while she was in Brisbane.

Here’s the link to the Daily Mail article on her perspective – Link.



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