Reminder – Book Your Qantas Redemptions Before The Upcoming Devaluation

by Zac George
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Back in June, Qantas made quite a major announcement regarding their frequent flyer program and the news gave people mixed reactions. While Qantas added benefits like Lifetime Platinum and also added more availability not only on themselves but also partners, but, the most disappointing thing about the new program has to be the increase in points for premium award seats.

From September 18th, you’ll need to use more points if you’re redeeming for a premium award ticket, Premium, Business or First.

This is the award chart for all Qantas, Emirates, American, Air Vanuatu, Airnorth effective the 18th of September:

a screenshot of a white table with black text

Jetstar award chart (effective 18th of September):

a screenshot of a white sheet

Partner/Oneworld award chart (effective 18th of September):

a screenshot of a white sheet with numbers

While it’s sad to see Qantas up the rates for redemptions, it doesn’t come as too much surprise. Qantas isn’t the first airline to increase their rates and they definitely won’t be the last, I’m just glad they haven’t been increased too highly – unlike the AA devaluation a few years ago which really stripped value from the program.

The only awards that are exempt from these changes are Economy Class awards which will actually use 10% less points for a redemption come September 18th.

If you have travel your wanting to book and haven’t yet done so, now is the time to do it. If you’re not sure of the current award rates and would like to book flight, click the link here and it’ll take you to the Qantas website.

Have you go any specific redemptions you’ll be be making before the upcoming devaluation?

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