Qantas Make Some Significant Changes To Their Frequent Flyer Program

by Zac George

Qantas have today announced some pretty significant changes to their frequent flyer program at a press event in Sydney. The carrier has announced quite a number of improvements to the program as well as some not so great improvements but we’ll get into that in the post.

So what was announced?

More reward seat availability for Qantas flights & partner airlines

  • One of the biggest and positive things Qantas announced is the addition of reward seat availability. This is something that passengers and frequent flyers will absolutely love. Qantas is known for sometimes having pretty limited seats on their International flights so it’s great to see the airline wanting to bring out more space on their own metal but also on their partner airlines which is fantastic to see.

Qantas 787-9

Lifetime Qantas Platinum

  • Qantas has stated that they’ll now allow ultra frequent flyers to hold Lifetime Platinum Status (Oneworld Emerald). Qantas previously only had ability to give lifetime Gold or Silver so the addition of Platinum is great. Lifetime Platinum members can have their status in September and it will require you to earn 75,000 Qantas status credits in a lifetime of your membership.

Qantaslink Dash 8

Carrier Surcharges for International flights will drop by 50%

  • This is something I’m really impressed with. Qantas are going to be dropping the fuel surcharges on International flights by 50% (a $200 saving on average).

Qantas A380

Points Club

  • Points Club is geared towards the higher spending and flying frequent flyers. There’s not too much information at this time about what it exactly it is but it’ll be launched later this year. Qantas have said it’ll include 2 tiers depending on how many points are earned and will give lounges access, exclusive benefits and bonus status credits.

A reduction on points required for International Economy flights

  • Another positive improvement Qantas has announced is the reduction in points required for all Economy travel on Qantas’ expansive international network. With the addition of more reward seats and up to 10% off the points you would redeem, I think this will be quite popular for Economy travellers.

Qantas 747

Access to more partner airlines for award seats

  • Qantas will also be adding more partner airlines to allow for award travel. These airlines include China Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air France, KLM and Bangkok Airlines.

Use your Qantas points for travel on Air New Zealand

An increase in points required for Premium International and Domestic travel

  • Now for the not so positive improvement. Qantas will be raising the amount of points required for premium award seats by up to 15% and 9% for upgrades on Qantas flights. As with most changes to a program, not everything is perfect but I understand why Qantas have upped their rates, let’s just hope the added award space is a large improvement.

Here’s a table to show the changes from Qantas.


I’m quite pleased with the Qantas program overhaul, there’s nothing major that’s disappointing, they’ve added some new things which will be cool to see and they’re wanting to increase award space which I’m really happy with.

What are your thoughts?


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Leola Scrimshaw June 20, 2019 - 5:27 pm

This is overdue, for some improvement

I have just experienced a refusal to reimburse me with 46,000 ff points, for a flight that Qantas changed by 5.50hours, which would have made me too late for a funeral I was attending or hoping to attend

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