Say Hello To The New Qantas A380 Cabins

by Zac George

As I wrote about yesterday, Qantas has now received their first newly reconfigured A380 back (VH-OQK), and it entered service last night from London as QF2 via Singapore.

All of Qantas’ 12 A380’s will be fitted with the new and upgraded cabins. The airline has even stated that two more of the aircraft will have their refurbs done before the end of the year.

First Class

As mentioned yesterday, the first cabins remain to be 14 seats, but the product has had a makeover on the comfort aspects of the seat.

As you can see below, the colour of the suite has been altered slightly, the seat has been completely recovered, the addition of extra cushions and a much better and more definition IFE screen.


Qantas Updated A380 First Class

Qantas A380 New First Class

Business Class

Passengers that have flown on the previous product know that it’s a fantastic seat if you’re travelling as a couple or with somebody you know, but if you’re travelling alone, there is just little to no privacy at all.

With the cabin upgrades, the airline chose to fit the A380 with the same product that’s found on their 787-9 aircraft. I have flown the product myself and can confidently say while it isn’t personally my favourite seat out there, it’s very comfortable, and I’d defiantly fly it to the United States, Asia or Europe.

Qantas New A380 Business Class

To see how the business class product performs, click the link here.

Qantas New A380 Business Class

As you can see, the new suites look 10x better and make the overall feel of the cabin modern and sleek.

Qantas’ New A380 Business Class

Premium Economy

The premium cabin has also been replaced with the same premium seats found on the Dreamliner. The configuration will stay the same 2-3-2 which is currently found on the A380.

The number of seats in the premium cabin has also now jumped up to 60 instead of the current 35.

Qantas’ New A380 Premium Economy



The economy cabin has retained the same amount of seats, but the seats have been completely refurbished ensuring passenger comfort, a more modern and updated IFE system as well as the seats now being a different colour.

Qantas Updated A380 Economy Class

Onboard Lounge

The bar has had an incredible transformation, and I absolutely love what they’ve done. When I flew on the A380 recently, I felt like the bar/lounge on the aircraft was terribly positioned, and I never saw anyone sitting there for extended periods of time.

This lounge, though, wow!

Qantas New A380 Lounge

The first thing I’ll say is they’ve done well and haven’t gone overboard with the wood finishes. It’s classy, elegant and nowhere near as over the tip as their big cousin Emirates 😉

Qantas New A380 Lounge

The lounge also looks to have expanded as these renders show both sides being utilised. This is quite interesting to note as the old lounge only covered one side.

Qantas New A380 Lounge

Looking at these lounge images reminds me of the Chairman’s lounges and the Cathay Pier First lounge, maybe it’s the greenish finish mixed with the woods, but I dig it.

Qantas New A380 Lounge

Overall I think Qantas have done an extremely great job and I’m sure passengers will be very pleased to see the noticeable differences.

The airline also stated that they would be unveiling some smaller things that will be introduced tomorrow during the press unveiling of the new cabins, let’s hope that invitation arrives soon…

What are your thoughts on Qantas’ new updated cabins?

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