The Ritz-Carlton Perth Is Now Open To Guests

by Zac George

The hotel market in Australia sadly isn’t too large, and we don’t have the greatest selection of properties. Over the past few years, we’ve slowly been seeing growth from significant brands and slowly, but surely there are more and more properties opening. As I’m Australia based, this makes me extremely excited and happy as having a greater selection is always nice, especially with a brand that I hold status with.

Marriott has been the most prominent company opening properties, and in the past few years they’ve opened up the W and Westin in Brisbane and even have a W opening in Melbourne next year. The brand will also be opening up a luxury collection Property in Hobart as well as an Elements hotel in Melbourne which are both slated to open in 2020. Marriott has stated they Australia is a focus area and they want to continue to expand, that’s what I like to hear!

The next hotel that the brand has just opened is the Ritz Carlton Perth and damn, does it look it impressive.

Ritz-Carlton Perth (Image – Marriott)

The 205 room hotel is now fully open to guests and has a range of amenities including a heated outdoor pool with some fantastic views. The hotel is located in Elizabeth quay, which means it’s quite an excellent location for walking around and there’s also quite a great selection of restaurants nearby.

The hotel has all up nine different room types ranging from basic king rooms which feature an overall space of 64 square meters up to the Ritz Carlton suite which features 277 square meters of space.

Below is one of the ‘Studio King’ rooms which feature some pretty spectacular views:

Ritz-Carlton Perth (Image – Marriott)

Another nice amenity that the hotel has is a rooftop bar which offers a range of cocktails, standard alcoholic beverages, small plates of food and you can enjoy all of this overlooking the swan river.

Ritz-Carlton Perth (Image – Marriott)

For those that are interested and have access, the hotel does, in fact, feature a club lounge which can be accessed on the 6th floor. The lounge is said to have a weekly themed event (not quite too sure what that means, still trying to find out), a concierge, as well as an outdoor terrace which I’m sure, will be extremely popular, especially in the afternoons in summer.

Ritz-Carlton Perth (Image – Marriott)

As weird as this sounds, I have actually never personally stayed at a Ritz-Carlton property. As someone who reviews hotels and airlines, this may sound odd; however, I just haven’t had the opportunity yet – I’ve visited friends staying in them but never have had a stay myself. I think this may change that.

The hotel honestly looks fantastic, and I’d love to stay at a Ritz finally, so I’m going to try and get over to Perth to check it out. Hopefully, I can do so before the end of the year, but if not, It’ll definitely be in the first quarter of next year.

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