Review – Qatar Airways Qsuites, Auckland – Doha

by Zac George
a tv in a chair in a plane

Yesterday I flew onboard the worlds 2nd longest flight from Auckland to Doha in Qsuites. If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you’ll know I reviewed Qatar Business from Doha to Auckland but that was long before the closing door suites were introduced. For this flight, I used 80,000 American Airlines miles and around $150 in tax due to having to book so close to departure.

Qatar uses the Qantas Business Class lounge which is safe to say, awful, so I made my way through the airport to my gate and waited about 15 minutes before boarding. I wouldn’t normally do that but when a lounge is just too busy and loud, sometimes It’s not worth it to stay in there.

For this flight, I picked window 5K which is a rear facing Qsuite.


Qatar Airways Qsuites

As I made my way to the seat, the crew introduced themselves and welcomed me onboard. The staff were really outgoing and were able to have a good conversation with a smile, I could tell this would be a good flight.

a tv on a shelf in an airplane

Qatar Airways Qsuites

The cabin crew offered passengers a choice of pre-departure beverage, I went with the Lime and Mint drink as well as a glass of the famous (and very surprisingly tasty) So Jennie Champagne.

a glass of liquid next to a towel

Traditional Lemon & Mint drink as well as So Jennie (non-alcoholic champagne)

Awaiting at your seat will be a pillow (which you’re allowed to take home), a blanket as well as a Brics amenity kit.


Qatar Airways Qsuites

The amenity kit contains anti aging cream, a face mist and some lip balm.

a small black bag with a black case and a black towel

Brics Amenity Kit


a group of beauty products on a table

Amenity Kit Lotion and Spray

After serving passengers their welcome drink, the menus and PJ’s for the flight were distributed.

a group of menus on a black surface

Business Class Menus


a plastic bag on a chair

Qatar Business Class PJ’s

The Qsuites are really a massive improvement upon the old Business Class seats. Qatar were the first airline to introduce closing doors in Business and they really did a good job with the seat, the finishes look fantastic, the IFE screen is large and responsive and there’s adequate storage in the space next to your seat.


Qatar Airways Qsuites

This incredibly powerful machine will be my view for the next 17 or so hours onward to Doha!

a plane engine on the ground

View from 5K

You’ll also find a mattress cover in your footwell, I also grabbed another blanket from an empty seat to use as an extra topper.


Blanket and Mattress Cover

Next to your seat is where your main storage compartment is. I was able to fit my Macbook, Ipad as well as a camera and lens in this, quite sufficient space. To the left you’ll see a small space, this is where you store your shoes.


Seat Storage

You’ll also find a reading light next to your seat.


Qatar Airways Qsuite



Seat Lighting

Our flight departed Auckland on time which is always nice, the loads for this flight were also not maxed out with quite a few empty Qsuites on this service.

an airplane wing and a body of water

Departure out of Auckland


an aerial view of a landscape and water

Departure from Auckland

Here are the menu’s for the flight:

a menu of food on a white surface

a menu of breakfast cereals

a menu of a restaurant

a menu with text on it

a close up of a bottle

a bottle of champagne on a white background

a bottle of wine on a white background

a bottle of wine on a white background

a close up of a bottle

a bottle of wine on a white background

a bottle of wine on a white background

a bottle of wine on a white background

a bottle of wine on a white background

a book with a bottle of wine

a menu of drinks

Just after takeoff, the crew started to get ready for the first meal service. It’s important to note that Qatar actually do dine on demand so you get to pick when you eat, this really helps for people connecting from or onto flights as well as people in a whole different time zone.


Qsuite 5K

I will say, Qatar did a really good job making this product look really visually appealing, the colours of the maroon, grey and white bench-top finishes look fantastic.


Qatar Airways Qsuites

Now not every seat is perfect and there are a few things I picked up on that I’ll talk about. The 1st one is the bed when it’s reclined fully flat, it’s not as comfortable as I had hoped. Now, Is it bad? Absolutely not, however, I just feel it’s very firm underneath and not as plush as I’ve seen on a few other carriers Business products. The 2nd is the width, I think it’s just a little too tight, I’m not a big person but it was pretty difficult for me to get a good angle to sleep on.


Qatar Airways Qsuite

My favourite thing about the Qsuites though has to be the closing door, I think most will agree with me on that.


Qatar Airways Qsuites

The crew started off the meal service with some warm nuts and I decided to get a Pineapple Juice Mocktail to start.

a bowl of nuts and a glass of orange liquid

Pineapple Mocktail and Warm Nuts

To start off the meal service, a cured salmon with celeriac remoulade was served.

a plate of food on a table

Cured Salmon


a table with food and a glass of wine

Dining Setup

And for the main, I decided to go with the gulf style chicken machboos which was amazing!

a plate of food on a table

Arabic Style Machboos

I only decided to have a light meal as I was feeling sick before the flight. Once the meal service finished, I went to get changed into my PJ’s and came back to find my bed made up.


Qsuite Bed

For this flight, I was able to sleep the last 5 or 6 hours and woke up just before our arrival. The arrival into Doha is 11:05pm so I was planning to get off the plane and straight to the W to sleep.


Qatar Airways Qsuite

As the crew were preparing the cabin for arrival, one of them came to me and asked if there’s anything I’d like before they can’t service items so I decided to get some fruit.

a plate of fruit on a table

Fruit Platter


My first experience onboard Qsuites was really positive. The crew were probably the best I’ve had on Qatar, the meal was fresh and hot when it was served and the seat overall is fantastic for privacy.

If you’re travelling together as a couple or family, the middle seats are really well designed for people wanting to interact with their fellow passengers and I’d recommend selecting these seats.

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John July 30, 2019 - 6:01 pm

Great review Zac and I look forward to reading your upcoming Emirates and Singapore Airlines reviews.

Zac George July 30, 2019 - 6:05 pm

Thank you for the kind words John, post will be available soon! 🙂

David Melican August 17, 2019 - 12:44 pm

We flew Business Class Auckland to Doha in June (seats 5E + 5F) and had the worst customer service ever. We ordered our dinner at 3pm for delivery at 6.30pm (in 3 1/2 hours) and it turned up at 4pm and we sent it back – it was returned at 6.30pm BUT was COLD. I ordered a glass of red wine 3 times and never received it. We ordered water 3 times and in the end l went to the gallery a few hours after initial order and got it myself. We felt scammed after upgrading at a cost of about $4,000 and believe we would have received better service in economy. Lots of apologies after the event, but It was our 45th wedding anniversary dinner and we were really disappointed. The other 3 Business Class legs were excellent.

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