Emirates Will Have Festive Meal Options Over Christmas

by Zac George

It’s now well into December which can only mean one thing, Christmas is fast approaching. During this period, air travel is at an all-time high with millions of people travelling to see loved ones or just travelling for a holiday. Airlines often introduce special menus around this time, and this is exactly what Emirates will be doing again this year.

This year, the airline will be offering a festive menu across all cabins as well as their lounge network, which extends to 41 cities around the world.

All routes to/from Europe, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, The Philippines, Australia, South Africa and the United States will be able to enjoy these menus, and if you’re on an A380 service, you’ll even be able to enjoy specialised drinks in the onboard bar if you’re in a premium cabin, and if you’re in first, you’ll also have some Christmas orientated snacks in your basket.

First & Business Class
  • Passengers seated both in Business and First will be able to enjoy some roasted turkey breast with apricot stuffing as well as some roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts topped with cranberry jus lié.

Festive Menu

And for the dessert:

  • A chocolate gingerbread cake or a Santa inspired chocolate cake

Festive Menu

If you’re seated in business or first, be sure to use the bar onboard as there will be Christmas treats like mince pies and gingerbread cookies and a range of chocolate truffles.

Economy Class
  • Economy class guests will have access to a similar type of menu which will consist of turkey slices with green peas, some mashed potatoes, as well as carrots and it will be topped with some cranberry jus lié.

Festive Menu

Children will also have their own smaller portions of the same menu above:

Festive Menu

Business & First Class lounges

Not only can passengers enjoy the festive menu onboard, but they can also enjoy similar dining options in all of the Emirates lounges around the world.

The airline is also making select gingerbread styled coffees available with the help of Coffee Planet.

Festive Menu

It’s fantastic to see once again Emirates bring out a festive menu in time for Christmas, and I’m sure it will be a popular choice with a lot of travellers flying these holidays, I’m getting hungry just looking at the photos…

The new menus are now available and will conclude on the 31st of December.

Will you be travelling over the Christmas break?

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DaninMCI December 13, 2019 - 6:19 am

Interesting that an airline from a mostly Islamic country would celebrate Christmas with special foods. I assume they aren’t doing this for Hanukkah however.

Zac George December 13, 2019 - 6:22 am

I believe they even had a special menu for thanksgiving, gotta love middle eastern carrier dominance…

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