Earn Double Velocity Points On A Select Number Of Routes

by Zac George
a row of black and white seats on an airplane

It’s always nice when an airline offers some type of promotion, especially when you’re able to get double something. Virgin has been a little quiet this year with promotions, but it still is only February, as time goes on we’ll see some nice offers. With the airline having repurchased their program, this means there’s a lot of things in store for the future.

While not as attractive as the double status credits offered by Qantas, Virgin Australia is currently running a double promotion, but this is for points. The airline is offering passengers the ability to earn double Velocity points but there’s one caveat, not all routes will be able to earn double points.

a white airplane in the sky

Virgin Australia 737

Which routes are eligible for the double Velocity points?

Listed below are all of the domestic routes as well as the international destination, which in this case is Denpasar.

  • Brisbane – Sydney
  • Sydney – Brisbane
  • Adelaide to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Adelaide 
  • Brisbane – Cairns
  • Cairns – Brisbane
  • Melbourne – Hobart
  • Hobart – Melbourne
  • Denpasar to Melbourne
  • Melbourne – Denpasar
  • Townsville – Sydney
  • Sydney – Townsville
  • Kalgoorlie – Perth
  • Perth – Kalgoorlie
  • Sydney – Ayers Rock
  • Ayers Rock – Sydney

What are all of the details for the double points promotion?

  • You need to book your flights before March 1st
  • You have to activate the offer here
  • Travel has to be taken between February 24th and May 31st 2020
  • Flights can be either one-way or return
  • It may take four weeks until the bonus points appear in your account
  • There is no limit as to how many times this offer can be used
  • This offer cannot be used alongside another offered by Velocity
  • Both economy and business cabins are eligible for double points
rows of seats in an airplane

Virgin Australia 737 Economy Cabin

These offers are great to get some extra value and are especially useful if you’re a loyal Virgin passenger or a free agent and fly for the promos. I’ve got a few flights planned coming up on Virgin Australia, so I’ll be activating for sure.

As I mention on all of these posts, even if you don’t plan on flying or using the promotion, still activate it as you never know when it may come in handy.

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