Qantas Is Offering 10% Off For Points + Pay Bookings

by Zac George
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Qantas is on a roll lately with promotions and hopefully, they continue doing so. So far this year we’ve already seen some great promotions like discounts on redemptions for a couple of airlines and even the beloved double status credits offer which was extremely popular. The airline is now running a new promotion and this one will enable you to save 10% off redemptions when using points + pay.

While this may sound appealing to a select few, points + pay is often known as one of the worst ways to use your points. The value just isn’t there compared to classic rewards and you’ll often never come out with great or any value if at all.

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Qantas A330 Business Class

Qantas Is Offering 10% Off For Points + Pay Bookings

As with all of these types of promotion posts, I’ve listed all of the important information that you’ll need to know of.

  • Flights have to be booked before 11:59 pm on the 2nd of March 2020
  • Travel can be taken between now and the 29th of January 2021
  • This offer cannot be used alongside another offered by Qantas
  • The discount does not apply to classic flight rewards
  • The flights have to be booked on the Qantas website to be able to use the points + cash option
  • The discount will only apply when using points. not using cash
  • The 10% discount is already applied when you make your booking via Qantas
a screen on a plane

Qantas A330-300 Economy Class

As an example, below is using the points + pay option for bookings that aren’t classic rewards. As you can see, the amounts here listed are ridiculous and even if you have a massive stockpile of points, using over 10x the points required doesn’t make one bit of sense to me. For those wondering, this is from Brisbane – San Fransisco.

a screenshot of a qantas points

Just to compare, below is using points + pay for a classic reward. This flight is only a Brisbane – Sydney service but I’m sure you get the idea.a screenshot of a check


This promotion is one that will be extremely selective and I know it won’t be near as popular as the other ones previously being offered. To me, it would have been a lot better to see classic rewards see the discount but I might be asking for a bit much, we’ve already seen some great offers so far this year already.

To the people that have unlimited points and wish to use them all for little to no value, be my guest and make use of the promotion but if you have any sense and like to see some decent value for your points, keep them for later.

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