Singapore Airlines Decides To Bring Forward The Retirement Of Their 777-200ER

by Zac George
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Singapore Airlines has always been known for operating a rather young fleet, just look at the A380’s for an example. The airline does this as they feel that passengers don’t and won’t want to travel on older aircraft so usually after ten years, they get retired or sold off and are replaced with a brand new machine. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the airline take delivery of brand new A380’s, 787’s as well as A350’s. These aircraft were bought to replace older retiring aircraft, in this case, being 777’s, A380’s & A330’s.

Singapore Airlines has operated the 777-200ER since 1997. Still, as the years have passed and as technology advances ever so quickly, the airline has been retiring them, and it looks like they will now even push forward the final flight of the aircraft. Many airlines around the world are accelerating the retirement of older aircraft due to COVID-19, and it’s devastating financial problems it’s causing. Virgin Atlantic has already retired their A340-600’s KLM will withdraw all of their 747-400’s at the end of the month, and even Qantas is looking at bringing forward the retirement of their 747 fleet.

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Singapore Airlines 777-200ER (Image – Singapore Airlines)

Singapore Airlines Decides To Bring Forward The Retirement Of Their 777-200ER

According to Airlineroute, Singapore Airlines will actually be pushing forward the retirement of their 777-200ER. The airline has first announced that the final revenue service would proceed to happen on during late May. However, this has since been moved closer to the 20th of April, 2020,

SQ950 departs Singapore at 6:20 am and arrives into Jakarta (CGK) at 7:05 am the same day.

SQ953 departs Jakarta (CGK) at 7:55 am arrives into Singapore at 10:45 am the same day.

a plane taking off from the ground

Singapore Airlines 777-200ER (Image – Singapore Airlines)

Both flights are showing a ton of empty seats so I probably wouldn’t be rushing to book as I’d expect a lot of people will give this flight a miss due to what’s going on with the Virus. If you are interested in taking the flights, there’s business class saver space going both ways as well as economy awards.

The business saver redemptions will cost 19,000 each way sector while economy is only 7,500 points one-way.

I haven’t flown the 777-200ER with the good seats, but from what I’ve seen and heard, they’re an extremely comfortable product, and it looks very spacious.


While it’s always sad to see aircraft being retired, It’s always nice knowing that it’s going to be replaced with something newer. These aircraft still are quite young, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the airline sold them off instead of them sitting in the desert.


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Gabe Labbad March 20, 2020 - 2:09 am

Singapore has never changed its RULE about aged Equipment. Besides getting rid of 10 year-old Air Crafts, Singapore will not renew a car Registration if the car is more than 10 years old.

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