Leaked Photo’s Of Saudia’s New First Class Suites

by Zac George

Yesterday SultanALFuraih1 on Twitter posted the following photos of Saudia’s brand new first class.

Saudia currently only have first on 16 of their 777-200 aircraft. All together they have 27 -200 aircraft in a configuration of both F24C38Y170 and C14Y327. The airline also have newer and more modern 777-300ER aircraft in a configuration of C30Y351. I would imagine the new suites will feature on the newer -300 aircraft which would be a more logical idea.


I’m very impressed with the suites and from what I’ve seen and heard passengers are very happy with the airline dropping 2-2-2 down too 1-1-1 which should be the standard in modern day first class seating.



As Saudia are part of Skyteam there should be some great redemption opportunities. unfortunately the airline does not fly into Australia but there are opportunities to try this product to the U.S.

Photo credit to SultanALFuraih1 on Twitter and acumen-da.com

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