Would You Ever Buy Status Off Ebay?

by Zac George

So every now and then we see some weird and wonderful things on Ebay. You’ve probably heard or seen people selling their elite bag tags or even cards but selling status is growing increasingly fast which isn’t a good thing. Well today I was browsing around and I came across something that made me go WTF.


Now as I said selling status on Ebay is getting very popular with hotels and even some airlines but selling one time use made me wonder, How the heck would that work? He even listed the benefits, how generous.


Personally I wouldn’t buy any type of status off Ebay as that is against the Terms and Conditions however, I’m very intrigued to how it actually works and what is the process. I was more intrigued to see that the seller has sold more than 1 which surprised me quite a bit. I’m tempted to message and enquire to how the process works so I’ll let you know what happens in a few days.

Bottom Line

This made my eyes open with surprise and a little shock. Im surprised people just hand over their details online that easily. Play it safe and earn status the original way, this is a bad trend and it breaks the T&C’s of the programs.

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