Rumour – American Airlines To Re-code Domestic First To Business

by Zac George

Earlier today JonNYC who is a very reliable source posted on Flyertalk about American Airlines re-coding their Domestic first class into Business class.

Here is the full post

Main points:

Domestic First (non-transcontinental) will book into a J fare but will be marketed as “First”

International and Trans-con flights with 3 cabin’s will stay the same and be booked as “First”

What does this mean?

This means that these fare changes will earn a lot less then what they do now. As a Qantas Platinum retaining the status in Australia can be very expensive however, you could earn the status for a quarter of the price if you did AA Domestic first flights.

Earning over 500 status credits for $1400 was very hard to beat!


Bottom Line

I really hope these changes don’t come into affect soon but who knows, AA haven’t been making the best enhancements this year…


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