WOW – Airbus Have Just Passed 10,000 Aircraft Deliveries!

by Zac George

Airbus today has announced on their Facebook page that they have now passed 10,000 aircraft delivered, the aircraft will be delivered next week.

Airbus posted this picture on Facebook today. The aircraft is Singapore Airlines’s sixth A350 with the rego of 9V-SMF which is currently in final testing in Toulouse.


10,000th Airbus Aircraft © Airbus

The aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Singapore on its delivery flight on the 14th of October; there are also rumors that the aircraft will operate the SFO inaugural on the 23rd.

Singapore Airlines A350 © Zac George

Singapore Airlines A350 © Zac George

Bottom Line

Congratulations to Airbus on achieving this huge milestone and no doubt there will be many more to come!

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