I’m currently trying to plan how I’m going to get home from my next trip which starts next week and I’m running into a few problems with availability, but ultimately I want to fly home with some interesting routing, as one does.

There are a few options I’ve thought of, and I’ll list them below.

Virgin Australia 777 Business Class

I was originally planning to fly home on Virgin’s Business Class, but lately, they haven’t been releasing many awards Ex-LAX which would affect me getting home. Sadly VA doesn’t open up seats as Platinum like Qantas do, I’ve already tried sweet talking, and that didn’t help.

Virgin Australia Business Class

Qantas A380/747 Business Class

The other more direct option would be Qantas Business Class to either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. If you’re familiar with using miles and points, you’ll know Qantas Business Class is very difficult to get long-haul, Unless you’re Platinum or higher. I could request a seat to be opened on all three routes but the product isn’t as exciting as some of the other on the list, but it’s always an option.

Qantas Skybed MK||

Qatar 777 Business Class

I’ve flown Qatar A350 Business Class before, and it was fantastic. I haven’t yet flown their 777 but would be interested in seeing what it’s like even though the seats are sub-par. What I could also do is instead of flying into Aus, I could fly to NZ and do the longest flight in the world, now that’s a loooooonnnngggg trip!

Qatar Airways 777-200LR Business Class

Etihad A380/787/777 First Class

You know I’m a sucker for Etihad. I’m very tempted to do them home as that would make me 3/4 of the way to Platinum, but I’ve already reviewed the A380 and 787. I could do the 777 home as availability is good opposed to the A380 from JFK. I also love flying in the 787 and prefer it’s First suites over it’s brothers. Tempting…

Etihad 787 First Class

Japan Airlines 777 First Class

I was supposed to be flying JAL First over to the U.S., but someone took the damn seat. There is availability out of LAX when I need to depart, and it’s a product I’ve wanted to try for a while now. I could also request a QF seat be opened to get home from NRT which wouldn’t be hard to do. Decisions..Decisions…

Japan Airlines First Class

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