Review – St. Regis Abu Dhabi

by Zac George
a large staircase in a building

After flying in from London, I had two days to spend in Abu Dhabi before flying to Sydney. In the Middle East, there is a heap of variety, especially with SPG properties. I had visited the St. Regis at the Corniche before and really wanted to stay there so for this trip I knew exactly where to stay. I booked a Junior Suite but was upgraded to a Grand Deluxe Suite.

The paid rates were great at the time, and I decided just to pay instead of redeeming miles for a room. The St.Regis on the Corniche is a category five property while it’s brother on Saadiyat Island is a category 6.

As soon as you enter the property the first words out of your mouth will probably be along the lines of ‘WOW’ The lobby is just incredible and really does make you feel small.

a large staircase in a building

St. Regis Abu Dhabi Lobby

The lobby area is spacious and just gorgeous.

a large glass table with candles in it

Lobby Area

The lobby has a heap of seating, and there’s even a grand piano in the middle of the seats.

a room with a staircase and a couch and chairs

Lobby Area


a room with a piano and chairs

Lobby Area


a couches and chairs in a room

Lobby Area


a room with a chandelier and couches

Lobby Area

The check in area is located left of the stairs. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about both the hotel and the area.

a room with a black and white tiled floor

Check In Area

The hotel also has a help desk for all SPG related queries.

a room with a large doorway and a couch and a tv

SPG Help Desk

The concierge desk can help with directions, transport and basically help with anything you need.

a lobby with a chandelier and a reception desk

Concierge Desk

To the right of the concierge desk is the elevators up to the rooms and there is also a jewellery store just before them.

a glass doors with lights on the front

Jewellery Store

My room was located on level 39. The building is made up of both the hotel itself and offices buildings.

a hallway with marble floor and chandeliers



a hallway with doors and a table



a door in a room


I was given suite 3908, one of the corner suites.

two doors with carved wood panels

Suite 3908

As you enter the room, to the left you’ll find the bathroom. What a view!

a large white bathtub with a view of the ocean


The bathroom is quite large, and there is heaps of space. There are two sinks, one toilet and one large shower.

a bathroom with a sink and a mirror



a bathroom sink with towels and a towel rack



a shower with a shower head and shower head

Large Shower

Under each sink, you’ll find a range of amenities. More can be requested if you need any.

a box with a set of items on it


The bath also has a set of amenities including products from Remede, the hotel even has a Remede Spa on the 3rd floor.

a bathtub with a basket of toiletries and soaps

Bathtub Amenities

The main part of the room is beautiful. It’s modern, spacious and extremely clean.

a bedroom with a television and a bed

Grand Deluxe Suite

Nice comfortable King Bed and the pillows were perfect, not too soft, not too hard.

a bed with a round mirror above it

King Bed

The bedside table has your standard things, notepad, telephone and tissues. I really liked that the room also had many powerpoints.

a telephone and box on a table

Bed Side Table

The room has a desk with power outlets, a telephone and a variety of stationary equipment in the draws.

a desk with a chair and a telephone

Office Desk

There’s also a couch and a comfortable chair in the room. If a pullout bed is required, this is where it goes.

a room with a large column and couches

Couch and Seat

The view from the room is fantastic!

an island with buildings and a body of water

Amazing View!

As with most hotels, there are a minibar and coffee & tea facilities. If you ever want a coffee or any other drink for that matter, I would recommend using the Butler service. Instead, it’s fast and-and a whole lot nicer.

a cabinet with a tray and coffee cups on it



a tray with two cups and a coffee pot

Coffee & Tea

In the drawer, there is a few snacks and care pack.

a drawer with a variety of items

Snacks and Care Kit

The minibar has a good selection of beverages, and I appreciated the two types of water.

a mini fridge with bottles of soda and other beverages



a mini fridge with bottles of alcohol


Next to the fridge is two bottles of water and an ice bucket.

a silver pot with two bottles and glasses on a tray

Water & Ice Bucket

After settling into the room, I decided to go out and visit the mosque and do some shopping. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is absolutely beautiful, and a must-visit if you’re ever in Abu Dhabi.

a large white building with domes and towers with Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the background

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


a white and gold building with arches and columns with Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the background

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

After doing some sightseeing and shopping, it was time to head back to the hotel and get some much-needed rest. As I entered the room, It had already been turned down, and there was also a surprise for me which was just awesome!

a plate with a napkin and fork on it

Points From The Pacific Cake!


a bed with a tray on it

Turned Down Bed


a box with a set of items

Turn Down Service

The cleaners also provided many bottles of water, never too much water!

a wooden chest with bottles of water on it

Water Supply

As I was staying the night before flying the Residence, naturally I was too excited and couldn’t sleep so what did I do? Go and get photos of the rest of the hotel.

a hallway with marble floor and columns

Lobby Area

The property has a great lounge/bar area which was very popular during the day and there were even a few people there very early in the morning.

a hallway with plants in pots

The St. Regis Bar


a sign on a wall

The St.Regis Bar

It’s a nice relaxing atmosphere; I’d probably appreciate it more if I could drink.

a room with a couch and a piano

The St. Regis Bar


a room with a couch and chairs

The St. Regis Bar


a room with a large couch and a coffee table

The St. Regis Bar


a room with a large painting on the wall and a large bar

The St. Regis Bar

The bar has a big selection of liquor, wines and cocktails to choose from.

a bar with bottles and glasses

The St. Regis Bar

If you’re in the mood for a shisha, they are available as well.

a room with a large painting on the wall

The St. Regis Bar

Next to the bar is the Cigar room.

a room with leather chairs and a table

Cigar Room

There is a big range of both whisky and cognac to choose from if you’re feeling like some.

a shelf with bottles of alcohol

Cigar Room


a room with chairs and a table

Cigar Room


a box with cigarettes and cigarettes in it

Cigar Room


a hallway with a chandelier and a mirror

Lobby Area

The Terrace is a day to night restaurant, and I can tell you now, they serve some amazing food. The Friday brunch is absolutely massive. Sadly I didn’t see it this time.

a reception desk in a building

The Terrace On The Corniche

Upstairs of the lobby is, even more, seating, including a Tea Lounge.

a room with a table and chairs

Lobby Area


a large room with chandeliers and columns

Lobby Area


chairs and a table in a room

Lobby Area


a room with chairs and trees

Lobby Area


a room with a railing and chairs

Tea Area

At the top level, there are tea pots on all of the tables. This was surprisingly busy at 2:00 in the morning.

a tea set and a cup and a bowl of cigarettes


There is a heap of tea’s to choose from on the menu.

a black box with silver containers and a book on a glass table

Tea Selection


a room with a round table and chairs

Seating Area

On the left side, there is also a small library.

a room with a couch and chairs


The hotel is connected to the Nation Galleria mall, and you can access it easily.

a hallway with a marble floor and a door

Hallway To The Mall


a hallway with glass doors and a glass door

Mall Entrance And Exit

Sadly I didn’t get photo’s of a few things at the property so here are some Press photos: The beach club is across the road from the hotel, but you access it via an underground walkway.

a swimming pool with a large pool and palm trees

St.Regis Abu Dhabi Beach Club (Image – Starwood)

The Azura is another restaurant at the property, and it’s known for its very generous food portions and incredible view.

a restaurant with tables and chairs on a patio

St. Regis Abu Dhabi Azura Upper Deck (Image – Starwood)

Bottom Line

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the St. Regis and cannot wait to stay there again. The rooms, staff and hotel are just top notch and it my stay would have to be one of the best I’ve had so far. Well done St. Regis Abu Dhabi!



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