ANA is an airline that does special liveries really REALLY well. The carrier has a number of specially painted aircraft, each one is unique and looks FANTASTIC!

As an example, here are two of the newish Star Wars themed aircraft. Now, I’m not a star wars fan (I’ve never actually watched one of the movies) but I really do love how ANA paint their themed aircraft.

The first one is the R2D2 painted 787-9. This was taken by my friend Rory when the airline first started services into Sydney.

Star Wars 787-9 (Image – Rory Delaney)

The second shot is of the BB8 777-300ER. This was taken by me in Los Angeles early last year, when I still did plane spotting.

BB8 777-300ER (Image – Zac George)

Why am I writing this post?

Well, ANA released another themed aircraft a few days ago and it’s quite different to the previous ones. All that comes to mind is a Banana but the paint job on the aircraft is damn impressive!

The C-3PO 777 will commence its first flight in its new paint tomorrow from Tokyo Haneda to Kagoshima. The 777 will only be doing domestic routes within Japan, whereas the other painted aircraft are all international flying aircraft.

ANA C-3PO 777-200 (Image – ANA)


ANA C-3PO 777-200 (Image – ANA)

The details are what make the paints so interesting and cool to look at.

ANA C-3PO 777-200 (Image – ANA)

As well as the details on the outside, ANA doesn’t forget the details on the inside. All of the headrests, crew aprons, cups etc are all themed.

ANA C-3PO 777-200 (Image – ANA)

As you can see, they really don’t cheapen out on the small details.

ANA C-3PO 777-200 (Image – ANA)

I thought this post would be something ‘different’ and something for Avgeeks to obsess over, I hope I can one day see it in person as it just looks ”cool”.

Featured Image – ANA