Qantas’s Perth – London Non-Stop Flight Will Takeoff From March 24th 2018

by Zac George

Since last year, Qantas have been non-stop promoting that they will be getting the 787-9 aircraft. Many would say they have way over hyped it and I agree.

Qantas 787-9 And New Livery Unveiled!

Last December Qantas put their MEL-LAX service on sale, this is the first route for the aircraft. The airline also said that they would launch non-stop services from Perth – London.

Qantas 787-9 Melbourne – Los Angeles Schedule Now Available  Qantas’s 787 Goes On Sale

Well, they’ve just announced that they will commence non-stop services from Perth to London from March 24th 2018. 

The flight will be between 16 and 18 hours making it one of the longest flights in the world. The flight will depart from Perth at 6:50 pm local time and arrive into London’s Heathrow airport at 5:10 am the following day.

Qantas’s’ ‘New Business Class Suites’

Qantas’s 787-9 consists of 236 seats. The aircraft is split into 3 cabins, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class. The aircraft will feature 42 Business Class suites with a configuration of 1-2-1. These are almost identical to the ones currently on the A330 fleet. The only major difference is there will be a privacy divider, the colours are different and they will apparently have mood lighting. The suites are Vantage XL’s and are made by Thompson Aero.

Qantas’s New Premium Economy

The new plane will also feature 28 of Qantas’s new Premium Economy seats. The new seats will be in a 2-3-2 configuration and feature a custom built in pillow, 5 storage compartments, USB and In-seat power and a 13-inch IFE screen. The new seats are a custom model by Thompson Aero.

Qantas’s New Economy Class

And lastly,  the 787-9 will feature 166 Economy seats in a 3-3-3 configuration. The new seat feature 32” of pitch, 6” of recline, a 12-inch IFE screen and In-seat, tablet holder and USB power outlets. The seats are called the ‘Slimline Recaro’ and the company who made them are Recaro

Flights are set to go on sale in the next hour, the prices are set to be quite high and I can already imagine the award availability with be non-existent.

Would you take the non-stop flight or prefer stopping over in Dubai which Qanats currently do?

H/T – AirlineRatings

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freshthoughts April 27, 2017 - 5:07 pm

100% EK,
qantas managed to stuff up every aspect of this plane

business- way too fewer toilets
premium economy- not enough leg room
economy- 9 across on a plane built for 8

i cant imagine wanting to fly this plane unless i have to.
even to just spite qantas for saying that 32 inches in ‘great legroom’ and how they stupidly marketed the plane

Sarah May 1, 2017 - 8:41 am

The 17 hour flight sound horrible, that combined with the bullying tactics that Qantas has been using on suppliers to support the same political views their CEO has I don’t think I’d want to fly Qantas again

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