The Second Qantas Wifi Fitted Aircraft Is Now Flying

by Zac George

A few months ago, both Qantas and Virgin Australia started testing their onboard wifi systems. Each started with a single 737-800 and have been flying them on regularly scheduled services. Both are using different interfaces and satellites but the overall results are pretty similar.

Qantas use the NBN Sky Muster satellites through Viasat while Virgin use Gogo 2ku.

Qantas’ first wifi fitted aircraft (Image – James Lusher)

Qantas first announced that they would first fit the new wifi on the 737 and A330 domestic fleet. The airline said they are in talks with suppliers for their international and Qantaslink fleet regarding having those aircraft installed with the wifi. A source has told me that select Qantaslink crew have already received some training.

The next aircraft to have the wifi (VH-XZC) is now fitted with the wifi and currently doing some test flights. It should resume revenue services in the next coming days. This was first announced on The Qantas Source and later confirmed by a source.

If you’d like to see the results of the Qantas wifi, click here. At this stage, there’s still no solid news to what aircraft will next receive the wifi. I would personally love to see it on the International fleet but I imagine it’ll be a little while before we see that happen.

Featured Image – James Lusher


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Darius June 8, 2017 - 3:20 pm


Positive thinking says rolling it out to the international A330s after they’ve done the domestic fleet would be pretty straightforward, right?

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