Need 250,000 Qantas Points?, Buy a Jaguar!

by Zac George

As I’ve mentioned many times before, airlines and hotel programs offer promotions all the time. Some of them earn a few hundred points and some can even earn in the millions. Taking out a home loan or even buying a car for the large bonus of points isn’t too crazy right?

Last year Velocity offered up to 100,000 points if you bought a new Holden car. That’s not the only promotion like that I’ve seen but ultimately I’d love to see how many people actually take advantage of a promo like that.

Anyway, Qantas are currently offering up to 250,000 points if you buy a Jaguar vehicle or 100,000 points if you buy a Range Rover.

Both of the car manufacturers offer different amounts of points for the select vehicles. Here are the earn rates for the Jaguar cars:

And here’s the offer for the Range Rovers:

Obviously, the more you’re willing to spend on a car, the more points you’ll be able to earn. If you really do need around 250,000 Qantas points, there are a lot easier and cheaper ways other than buying a car, trust me 😉

If you are in fact looking at either brand of vehicles, I would consider buying one while this promotion is still running.

For more information on the promotion, click here.


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