This year there’s been a few times where we’ve seen Qantas not being able to book award seats online. Most of the occurrences have ironically been American Airlines. Now, we know the two carrier aren’t the bestest of friends and there’s a few reasons for that. Their JV agreement was denied, both carriers dramatically cut earning rates, American pulled their flagship product out of Sydney, Qantas reduced US services, they blocked award seats for each other and Qantas even improved their partnership with Alaska which may have angered American but who knows.

I’m still not sure if this is really an error or both airlines playing games with each other again but Qantas are now not displaying any American Airlines Economy award tickets online for any routes.

Here’s an example of flights from Los Angeles to New York. Yes it is peak season however, even then there are Economy awards available.


Here’s another example for flights from Los Angeles to San Fransisco. This time Business are the only awards that show up instead of Economy awards:

And indeed, there are Economy awards available on these San Fransisco flights, just not on Qantas’ side:

The Economy MilesAAver ticket’s are shown with the letter T so when you’re looking for awards on Expertflyer, remember to check the ‘T.’

I’m not exactly sure if Qantas are aware of the issue but calling the Frequent Flyer Centre will usually enable you to book  them and also have the fee’s waived as they can’t be booked online.

Hopefully the airline fixes this and it’s brought back to normal as it’s pretty disappointing that this has happened more than once this year. There doesn’t seem to be any problems booking Qantas flights on the American Airlines website so this is 100% a problem on the Qantas side.

H/T – User jona970318 on Flyertalk