Did You Know You Can Buy Virgin Australia Velocity Points Online?

by Zac George
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This post is quite late but I was asked about it so it’s worth posting about. Virgin Australia Velocity points are incredibly easy to get, especially in Australia. Credit cards, fuel, shopping portals, flying etc. Now a lot of people aren’t just willing to sign up for various credit cards just to get points (yes, there are people who aren’t obsessed with points 😉 ) and sometimes getting points can be difficult. Luckily, Virgin Australia allows you to buy points but there are a few restrictions and it’s a little different to buying points from airlines such as American or Alaska.

Virgin has a program which allows you to top up your points which I think is pretty fantastic. This has helped me a few times when I’m just short of a redemption ticket.

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Virgin Australia Business Class

if you’re wanting to buy Velocity points online, there’s a few things you’re going to need to know before you do so.

  • You cannot buy an unlimited amount of points. Yes, it would be amazing to be able to but if you’re looking at doing that, head to Alaska. You’re only able to purchase up to 50% of you’re account balance. Let’s say you have 100,000 points in your account, you can only buy 50,000 and the total amount of points you can buy is 50,000. The minimum you can purchase is 500.
  • You have to nominate and choose what you’re actually going to use the purchased points for and you can only buy them for yourself, if you ask me, being given some points is a pretty damn good gift.
  • you’re only allowed to buy points twice in a year.

Here’s the pricing for purchasing points:

a table of points with numbers

Virgin have partnered with Points.com who work with airlines such as American, Virgin America, Alaska, Etihad etc. The process is pretty easy and you can use your points for award flights, upgrades and many other things but I’d stick to using them for upgrades and award flights to get the best value.

If you’re wanting to buy some points, here is the link.

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