Review – Impeccable Luxury, Phenom 300 Melbourne – Brisbane

by Zac George

I’ve flown on a heap of private jets now and that’s only because of how easy and convenient it is but also, when you fly with other passengers the cost really does come down and often times it’s cheaper than actually flying commercial. This sounds insane I know, but luckily there’s services around to cater to such needs. I use JETPAX all the time for my empty legs, not just due to the competitive prices but also due to the service and support from the company, they’re all absolutely outstanding. And for those who are gonna waste their time commenting that I receive free flights, I’ll be happy to send you my credit card statement, If I love a brand or company, I’m going to be loyal to that company and support them.

One evening I received a call to say that there was a Tahiti – Auckland leg available at an extremely good price and I decided to  purchase the flight, it was onboard a Falcon 900 and decided I would get some friends or colleagues to come with me, however, my passport unfortunately is in a terrible condition and wouldn’t be able to be renewed in time for the flight. This made me pretty disappointed but decided to use that cash instead on a different flight and leave the rest in credit.

Phenom 300

I saw online that there was a flight from Melbourne’s Essendon Airport to Brisbane onboard a Phenom 300. I’ve never actually flown this particular model of plane before so thought it’d be a fantastic chance to do so.

Phenom 300

Let me just say, the interior and finishes on this 2018 model jet were impeccable. The wood grain, red stitching on black leather, and drop down entertainment with wifi & bluetooth capability was amazing. The jet itself can fit 10 pax at max however 8 is a more comfortable number.

Phenom 300 Cabin

The seating design reminds me very much so of the luxury car company Bentley. At the forward section of the aircraft is wear you’ll find a duel couch as well as a small galley.

Phenom 300 Cabin


Phenom 300 Galley

The plane can be stocked with pretty much anything you desire however this was a single pilot operated flight and not enough passengers onboard, there was only light catering and snacks. If you’re travelling as a group or even solo you can have access to a flight attendant on occasion.

Drinks On Ice

The flight was pretty well stocked with many types of snacks and beverages.




There’s also a ton of the essential tea and coffee condiments.

Tea and Coffee Essentials

You also have access to hot water in the galley if you’re in need of a heated drink.

Hot water

As you can see, the cabin looks phenomenal. The aircraft itself is a 2018 model and has less than 200 flying hours, that’s insane. The first words that will come out of your mouth when you step onboard this aircraft is ‘WOW.’

Phenom 300 Cabin

I was a huge fan of the black with red stitching and reminded me both of a Ferrari and Bentley.


It was just so appealing to the eye and I’d have to say, this is definitely the best jet I’ve personally flown on.


Not only do the seats include beautiful leather, they are also fitted out with carbon fibre fittings which makes it look sporty and just all around ‘awesome.’


To the rear of the aircraft is where you’ll find the lavatory, the door does slide to close however I didn’t get a photo of that.

Phenom 300 Cabin





You really can’t go wrong with that view!



Phenom 300 Cabin


Phenom 300 Cabin

One of my favourite features about the plane is the entertainment system. There’s two screens on the ceiling of the aircraft which can show you a map of the flight, play movies and entertainment, as well as use bluetooth connectivity.

Entertainment System

The controls for the screens as well as an intercom system are found to the left and right hand seats that face forwards.

Arm Rest Controls

The screens do swivel which helps for passengers wanting to view it from a different angle. If you have a full flight, Ipad’s will actually be provided to every seat so that passengers can personally enjoy their entertainment.

Entertainment System

As you can see, I made full use of the Bluetooth connectivity playing my favourite artist, Playboi Carti 😉

Bluetooth Capabilities


Arm Rest Controller


Speaker and Storage

As with most corporate flights, there’s an assortment of reading materials to choose from including newspapers and magazines.




Another feature I was interested in was the window shades. For this aircraft you either pull the knob back and it goes up or push it forward and it goes down.

Window Shade

You really cannot beat the view in a private jet from 35,000 feet.

View from 35,000

As with most biz jets, the seats do swivel and recline, this makes it optimal for passengers travelling together or meetings etc.

Phenom 300 Cabin

Each seat also has access to a very sturdy tray table which pops up from the side arm rest.

Tray Table

For the last half of the flight, I was invited up into the cockpit and was allowed to be seated in the right hand co-pilot seat for landing. Now before all you armchair pilots go ring CASA and complain with jealousy, in corporate aviation this is allowed, the aircraft is able to be flown by a single pilot and pax can enter the cockpit at the discretion of the PIC (Pilot In Command).

Phenom 300 Cockpit

When I sat down, I was blown away at the modern avionics, it looks like I was looking at IPad Pro’s for the main displays and IPad mini’s for the flight management computers. I always wanted to be a pilot so I guess I got to live that dream yesterday?

Phenom 300 Cockpit

Sadly we touched down in Brisbane just after 2:25 local time. I had never ever wanted to stay onboard an aircraft longer. Etihad’s Residence was an incredible experience but this topped it for me personally with being able to sit in the co pilots seat for landing, I was shaking when I landed.

Phenom 300

Here’s a few exterior photo’s of this fast sleek machine:

Phenom 300 Cabin

A big thing to note about this aircraft in particular is how much cargo it can hold. It can fit 8 full golf club bags comfortably, that’s very impressive for an aircraft of this size.

Phenom 300 Hold

Isn’t she just a stunning looking machine?

Phenom 300 VH-NSQ


Well there’s not much to say, I think the photo’s really do speak for themselves. The flight was absolutely outstanding, the interior is phenomenal, the performance is fantastic and the PIC Jeremy was an absolute legend and we were able to talk about a variety of things, Jeremy if you’re reading this – You’re amazing and thank you!

I’m currently working on the Youtube video of the landing so will update the post once that’s completed. Keep an eye out on all of my socials as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Linkedin.


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Jess May 24, 2019 - 10:46 am

Wow! I’m totally not jealous at all. Haha.

David R May 24, 2019 - 11:34 am

Empty jets listed this flight as $4500… how is this even remotely close to a commercial flight?

Zac George May 24, 2019 - 2:55 pm

David, yes it was $4500 however if you bring passengers with you the price per seat is cheaper than Business class and in some cases flexible economy. 10 passengers would be $450 each seat or 8 pax for $562 per seat. Never did I say it’s cheaper than commercial if you’re flying solo but with passengers it’s a whole lot cheaper.

shop dumps May 25, 2019 - 2:32 pm

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David R May 27, 2019 - 9:04 am

fair call mate – just looks like you brought all of your 7-9 friends here 😉

Did they huddle in the bathroom while you took the photos?

Zac George May 27, 2019 - 1:08 pm

I usually do bring my fiends with me onboard however this flight was actually booked for a meeting however the occupants have to pull out last minute to extremely busy schedules.

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