Review – Virgin Australia 737 Business Class, Brisbane – Melbourne

by Zac George

This week was a busy week with travel and one of the flights I took was onboard a Virgin Australia 737 in Business Class. I wrote about my upcoming Qantas flights earlier in the week and due to my busy schedule those are pushed back to the coming week. On Wednesday night I decided I’d take advantage of the Virgin’s double status credits offer and fly with VA down to Melbourne.

The inbound flight was a little delayed so I made use of the lounge and got some work done before boarding the aircraft at around 8:50pm.

Virgin’s 737’s feature 8 Business Class seats in a 2-2 configuration, each seat has 30” of pitch and 19.5” of width.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class

The seats are all leather and are quite comfortable, unfortunately the seats don’t feature leg rests which would be a great feature.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class

I actually prefer the less seats in Business Class over Qantas who have an additional 4 seats in their cabins on the 737.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class

For my flight, I chose 2A and the seat next to me was vacant which is always nice. The crew came around to introduce themselves and offered a pre-departure beverage, either water or juice, I went with water.

Pre-departure Beverage

As soon as everyone was onboard and the door was closed, we departed just after 9:20 or so. The CSM came around and offered passengers in Business Class a Samsung tablet, I don’t have any movies or entertainment on my laptop so decided to use one.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class Samsung Tablet Entertainment

The variety of entertainment is pretty standard with both new releases and classics. I’m a huge fan of the show secret lives of the super rich and when I saw that on the tablet I chose to watch that.

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class Samsung Tablet Entertainment

Shortly after handing out the devices the crew came around and explained the supper options for the evening flight. There was a choice of 2 dishes, 1st being satay skewers and the 2nd being a salad (cannot remember the type) with feta. I’m a huge fan of satay skewers so I went with them and got a glass of champagne to accompany the meal.


Satay skewers are funnily enough a pretty common topic in the travel world due to a few airlines offering them and the quality around them. I’ve tried Singapore’s and loved theirs, Malaysian is the next carrier I want to try them on.

Virgin Australia Business Meal Service

Virgin if you’re reading this, you did amazing with the satay. I wasn’t expecting SQ type of quality however they were absolutely fantastic and full of flavour. It was nice to see also they give you a fair amount of sauce which was great for soaking up the bread roll with.

Satay Skewers

The flight itself was smooth and nothing really exciting to point out, it was an all round great flight. The crew were really friendly and observant which is always good to see. They saw me taking photo’s and asked what I did for work and I explained to them. After the flight they allowed to walk around the cabin and get some photo’s and encouraged me doing so.

Virgin Australia Economy X

If you would like to see what Virgin’s Economy X product is like, click here.

Virgin Australia 737 Economy Cabin


The flight was all round pretty fantastic and I enjoyed the service as always. The definite stand out for me was the meal, it was probably the best I’ve had domestically.


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