(Targeted) Earn Double Points On Qantas Flights Between Sydney And Melbourne

by Zac George
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Qantas is again offering another double points promotion but unfortunately, this one is a targeted one and not available if you haven’t received an email. The airline has been running many double points promotions lately however most of which have been for international flights, this new promotion however is on the carriers busiest route, Sydney – Melbourne.

For those who aren’t aware, in 2018 Forbes reported that the Sydney & Melbourne shuttle is the second busiest domestic route in the world, that’s pretty incredible to think.

Important things to note

  • You have to book your flights between now and the 26th of September at 11:59 pm
  • Travel has to be taken between the 30th of September and the 31st of January 2020
  • Only Qantas operated flights will earn double points
  • The double points may take up to 6 weeks to appear in your account
  • Flights can be booked via a third party and still qualify for double points
  • There is no limit as to how many bookings qualify for double points

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Here are two examples of the points that you would earn without the promotion:

a screenshot of a graph a screenshot of a computer

Obviously depending on the status and the fare you purchase will ultimately determine how many points you will earn for this promo.

If you would like to use the Qantas calculator to find out exactly how many points you earn, click here.

If you haven’t already, check your email to see if you’ve received an email to be apart of the promotion.

Thank you, Andrew Coggan, for the heads up!

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