New 360 Video – Qantas’ New A380 Cabins

by Zac George

I’ve been playing with 360 photos and videos for a while now but have recently decided to dive deeper into it as the technology has really advanced.

The technology in these cameras is entirely different from regular cameras, and one thing is for sure, the editing and end process is on a whole different level. This is one of the biggest reasons that had held me back from creating more content in the past.

Up until now, I’ve been using my 2018 Macbook Pro for editing both photos and videos. As I’m expanding into a lot more 4K video and a lot higher resolution content, my Mac was starting to feel the effects. It’s incredibly easier to edit something on a fast system.

I ended up deciding to put some money down and create a custom PC that would be able to handle all of the footage fast and streamlined.

Here is the first video I’ve created, this is Qantas’ new A380 cabins in 360 degrees:

(For the best quality, it’s best to watch the video on your cellular device, preferably on the Youtube application)

This is just the start of the 360 content, and I’m excited to see what I can do with the technology. I feel this is a fantastic way for people to get a complete feel for what is in their field of view; there is not much that can be hidden in 360.



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