Qantas Unveil Their Latest Special Livery

by Zac George

Qantas has today showcased their newest special paint which has been applied to the airlines’ latest aircraft, VH-ZNJ, the carriers 10th 787-9 aircraft.

The aircraft, which is currently sitting at Boeing’s factory in Everett Washington, now displays the previous logos used by the airline. As well as the old logo’s, large digits have been added to the front of the fuselage to celebrate their 100th year which will be in 2020.


Qantas’ history is often one of considerable discussion among aviation enthusiasts, and some will happily argue that they are the longest-running carrier. But that is simply, incorrect. Qantas will celebrate their 99th birthday next month in November, and this new special centennial livery is in preparation for their 100th year operating which will fall in 2020.

As you can see in the images below, the previous Qanats logo’s used are painted on the side of the 787-9:


Per Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce:

“The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia, and the logos on this livery tell that story from the beginning,” Mr Joyce said.

“Our Centenary celebrations are all about honouring our past with an eye on the future, so it’s very fitting that this special livery will be worn by our newest state-of-the-art Dreamliner.”

Over the past century, Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services has evolved from delivering the mail in the outback to serving as the national carrier – from two passengers at a time to 50 million a year.



Another reason this aircraft has been painted is to help promote Qantas’ ultra-long-haul flight research program ‘ Project Sunrise.’ These flights will be conducted over the next few months, which will help Qantas better understand the wants and needs of passengers on routes that Qantas hopes to operate in the future.

Qantas will be running three flights in total for testing. 2 of these services will be a non-stop flights from London’s Heathrow airport direct to Sydney, and the remaining flight will be a non-stop service from New York to Sydney.

On these flight, altogether there will be a total of 40 people on-board who will primarily be scientists, Qantas staff as well as a few very lucky media personal.


Overall I like this paint, and it’ll be nice to see up close and personal when it enters service. I still think, and I know I’m not the only one thinking this but how cool would it be too see something like Nalajni Dreaming back in the skies?

What are your thoughts on Qanats’ new 787-9 special livery?

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