Air Vanuatu Will Increase Services To Brisbane & Melbourne

by Zac George

While many airlines around the world are canceling flights and removing services due to lower demand, one of the smaller airlines in the pacific will be doing the complete opposite. Air Vanuatu has announced that they will be increasing frequencies to two Australia destinations, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Air Vanuatu is a very interesting airline to me and I already have a booking with them but after seeing this news, I’d definitely prefer to switch dates and test out their brand new and improved offering.

Air Vanuatu increases services to Brisbane + aircraft swap to their new Airbus A220-300

At this present time the carrier doesn’t even use their own aircraft on the Brisbane services, it’s instead operated by a leased Air Nauru aircraft, a 737-300. This is a very welcome upgrade for passengers as these 737’s are nearly 23 years old and are definitely showing their age from what I’ve heard.

The airline currently operates three services to the Queensland town however from July 8th, they airline will add another frequency equaling 4 weekly services. One of these services will be operated to Espiritu Santo.

The A220-300 being used on the route seats 133 passengers in a 2-class configuration with business and economy class. The business cabin contains eight standard seats while the economy cabin features 125 seats in the standard 3-3 configuration. I heaven’t yet flown on an Airbus A220 but have been told they’re a fantastic ride, a very spacious feel and improved overhead bin space.

Air Vanuatu Airbus A220

Air Vanuatu Airbus A220 Interior

Air Vanuatu increases services to Melbourne

Air Vanuatu currently utilises a 737-800 on the Melbourne service and that will stay the same at this present time. The airline placed an order for 2 A220-100’s as well as 2 A220-300’s. Once the airline starts to take delivery of more aircraft, I’m sure that’s when we’ll see the swap over. The airline is already using their 737-800 on multiple routes so these aircraft will be very welcomed.

The service just like Brisbane’s will be increased from three to four services but the only difference being the start date of July 12th according to

The added frequency has a departure time of 11:55 pm from Melbourne with an arrival into Port Villa at 5:35 am local time the following morning.

Air Vanuatu 737-800


It’s fantastic to see Air Vanuatu increasing their services to Australia and I’m especially excited being Brisbane based as it will give me a great opportunity to both review the airline and travel on a brand new aircraft.

I’ll be making sure I change my dates of travel to line it up with the new aircraft arriving into Brisbane, I may even look at doing the inaugural flight which would be a cool experience.

Are you excited to see the A220 in Brisbane?


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