Qantas Is Offering Up To 25% Points Bonus When Transferring From Credit Cards

by Zac George
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Here’s another promotion for Qantas flyers and if you qualify for it, you’ll be able to get a heck of a lot more value than the last offer I just posted out. Throughout the year it’s not uncommon to see a few types of bonus transfer promotions, and they’re often tiered and often targeted.

The airline has just posted its new promotion, and it’s exactly like I’ve described above, the offer is both tiered and targeted. For this offer, you’ll be given two different bonus amounts depending on the overall amount of points you’ll be transferring.

Qantas Is Offering A 25% Points Bonus When Transferring From Credit Cards

Which credit cards are eligible for this promotion?

Unlike other promotions that have been previously offered, this offer is different as you can’t earn the bonus on cards that automatically transfer points to your frequent flyer account, this offer is for manual transfer cards.

Below I’ve listed a few main and most popular credit cards, be sure to check with your provider before making the transfer.

  • American Express Platinum Charge Card
  • American Express Business Platinum Charge Card
  • American Express Centurion Card (Personal & Business)
  • ANZ Business Rewards Credit Card
  • Commbank Awards
  • Commbank Awards Platinum 
  • Commbank Awards Diamond
  • Suncorp Bank Rewards Credit Card

What are all of the fine details for this transfer bonus promotion?

  • This promotion is targeted only. Sadly if you don’t receive the email, you won’t be able to qualify for the transfer bonus
  • You have to transfer your points between today and 11:59 pm on the 31st of March 2020
  • The bonus points may take up to 15 days until they appear in your frequent flyer account
  • If you transfer 499,999 points, you’ll receive a bonus of 15%
  • If you transfer 500,000 points, you’ll receive a bonus 25%
  • If you’ve happened to receive similar offers and have activated them within the past 30 days, the offer with the higher value will be the one applied to your account
  • Points cannot be reversed once they’ve been transferred to Qantas
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For those who hold any of the cards above, I would sit down and think about the promotion. If you’ve got travel planned and you need to transfer the points anyway to go for it, 25% is usually the maximum when it comes to transferring bonuses, so it’s nice to take advantage of it while it’s being offered.

Will you be taking advantage of this credit card transfer bonus from Qantas?

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