Qatar Release New Pyjamas For Premium Passengers

by Zac George

Qatar Airways have been updating their onboard amenity products very rapidly and most of them don’t actually seem to be better than what’s previously been offered. The past few weeks they’ve released Brics amenity kits for long-haul flights and new medium and short-haul amenity kits.

The airline has just now released new pyjamas for their long-haul routes. The airline has signed a 3-year partnership with luxury designer ‘The White Compony’ to create new sleepwear for passengers in first and business class.

Per Qatar,

“This exciting three-year partnership with The White Company will provide our premium passengers with exclusively-designed sleepwear offering stylish comfort throughout their journey. This partnership with an iconic global brand, known for providing sumptuous style and beautifully designed products, perfectly complements the bespoke premium experience created on board for our travellers.”

The airline says the new suits will be first available on all A380 routes, Sydney, Paris, London, Bangkok and Guangzhou.

The sleepwear does come in 2 colors for males and females. The grey color is for females and the dark charcoal for males. The new pyjamas are made out of 100% pure cotton.

Female Sleepwear

The Pyjamas also include a set of slippers.

Males Sleepwear

In my opinion, I really preferred the previous products Qatar offered, especially Armani and I find the new changes a little disappointing considering their 5-star rating. I haven’t tried them so I can’t judge what they are like but I will be in a few weeks I’ll be able to test first hand. What interests me the most is they haven’t made a separate product for first passengers, they’ve said they are for all ‘premium passengers’ which would mean both first and business. This means they are the first out of the ME3 to ditch separate PJ’s in first, times are tough it seems.







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Gabrielle Caroline Rashleigh September 4, 2017 - 9:59 pm

I get extremely annoyed that, given usually only nine passengers in first class on a lot of planes, that airlines can’t customise the PJ’s with sizes to fit each particular passenger and colours besides prison grey – grey is the most depressing colour, it’s the colour of a storm , of ugly concrete and of the water on a horrible day. Why cant there be something feminine done by a woman’s clothes designer. Singapore first pyjamas are revolting as are the qantas ones and it seems, as I’m about to fly Qatar, that I’m doomed to get grey PJS again and I will pass them on to the homeless people living in Sydney city. Maybe not great product placement although they are being put to good use. Maybe the days of chauffeur driven airport pick ups are over for first class passengers of today but surely some pretty PJ’s by Liberty of London are a possibility and something we actually WANT to keep rather than give to charity!

Third world guy November 8, 2017 - 12:09 am

Wow, first world problem

John Townsend December 1, 2017 - 1:35 am

So what do you do with your clothes that you remove. Do they simply get thrown into an overhead locker and get creased/crushed? Are they hung up somewhere to avoid that?

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