Qatar Airways Is About To Commence Qsuite Installation On One Of Their 777’s

by Zac George

In early March Qatar unveiled their new super Business Class called ‘Qsuite’. The airline is set to debut the new seating product to London from June of this year, the airline hasn’t yet said when exactly it will fly or which flight number it will be on.

If you haven’t seen the Qsuite, here it is:

The 777 will consist of 42 B/E Aerospace designed suites in a 1-2-1 configuration. The biggest selling point of the new product is both the closing doors and the ‘double bed’ in the center seats. The carrier made the suites like this for families though I don’t often see families travelling in Business all together…

There’s no denying the suites are Gorgeous! I personally cannot wait to trial them and see what they will be like in person.

The airline also plans to send the new suites to Paris, New York and Sao Paulo as launch routes. The Qsuite will be fitted to every 777 and A350 in the fleet and ‘should’ be done by 2018 but not everything in aviation is on time.

The airline has just sent it’s first 777 over to Zurich for the cabin refit!

This is getting more and more exciting! The first aircraft to have the new suites will be A7-BED, fitting registration ;). The aircraft has now arrived in Zurich and flew out from Doha as QR3251.

A7-BED for Qsuite Fitting (Image – Flightaware)

According to a very reliable user on Flyertalk, the cabin is being fitted by SR Technics. They have many bases and sales offices around the world, even in Australia but Zurich is the headquarters and where most of the big work takes place when airlines get cabin refits, alterations etc.

Here’s a video of some of the work they do:

It’s not yet known how long the refit will take, when the aircraft will arrive back in Doha or even the exact date of the first flight but I’d say that will be available soon.

I’d also keep an eye out for seat maps of the new suites as they still aren’t available at this time.

H/T jbflyboy84

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