You Can Now Visit Brazil Without A Visa (Selected Countries)

by Zac George
a city by the beach

Earlier this week there was an exciting announcement regarding visa’s for travellers entering Brazil. Until now, Australian, Canada, U.S and Japan Passport holders had to apply for a visa for entry into Brazil, however, that’s now no longer the case and you’re able to enter the country visa free which is awesome!

Travellers that enter the country on the passports listed above will be able to stay in Brazil for 90 days and will also be given the opportunity to double their stay to 180 days.

The best way of getting to Brazil from Australia would be onboard either Qantas who have a direct service into Santiago from Sydney or LATAM which stop through Auckland.

Here’s a few suggestions using points:

  • A one-way Economy ticket on the QF27 service will require 41,900 points
  • A one-way Premium Economy ticket on the QF27 service will require 72,000 points
  • A one-way Business ticket on the QF27 service will require 96,000 points


I think this is fantastic news for all countries involved. I’ve wanted to visit Brazil for a while now and now that travel is visa free, I better start looking at making a trip over.

Thank you to my good friend Eloy over at Mestre Das Milhas for letting me know about this exciting news.

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Eloy Fonseca June 20, 2019 - 8:47 pm

I’m waiting for your visit!

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