Australia Introduces Greater Travel Restrictions

by Zac George
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I just posted about New Zealand’s restriction, and now it’s Australia’s turn. More and more countries are slowly announcing and introducing restrictions and measures which are meant to assist in the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Australia increased extra measures for passengers coming in from affected countries, but this new measure will be for all incoming passengers. Starting Midnight tonight, Australia introduces greater travel restrictions.

These measures being introduced are almost identical to New Zealand in regard to self-isolation. At this time, Australia doesn’t see the need to close its borders even though it’s cases are quickly growing.

Australia has already announced that gatherings of over 500 people will be banned from tomorrow as well as Universities and Schooles expected to be closed in the coming days/weeks.

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Australia Introduces Greater Travel Restrictions

From Midnight tonight (16/03/2020), Australia will require all passengers that are coming into Australia be subject to self-isolation for a period of 14 days. Smartraveller announced a few days ago that all travellers should reconsider the need to travel.

  • The current restricted countries entering Australia are Italy, China, Korea & Iran
  • It’s mandatory for any passenger from any country to self-isolated
  • Cruise ships will be banned from entering the country for 30 days initially
Per Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison:

“This is very important, what we’ve seen in recent weeks, is more countries having issues with the virus and that means the source of some of those transmissions are coming from more and more countries,”

“The government can’t manage every hour of your life and tell you what to do every hour of the day but we can ask you to listen to the information and make your best judgements as you count yourself and your family and those around you.”

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While these restrictions are functional in theory, I want to know how well it’s being regulated and the exact way it’ll be tracked. I can just see people thinking that they may be fine and could then potentially spread it if they’re not showing signs. Australia has now over 40 cases and already have had one death due to the COVID-19 virus.

The government states that at this time they aren’t looking at extending or increasing the restriction further, but as cases grow, It wouldn’t surprise me to see a lot more intense measures like border closures come into play.

Does this announcement from the Australian government affect any of your travel plans?

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