Major Australian Airlines Ban Checking In Of 15-Inch Macbook Pro’s

by Zac George
a plane flying in the sky

If you’re not aware, Apple has recently stated that they have found a fault in some batteries of an older Macbook model and in same cases, those faulty batteries could become a fire hazard and cause a serious incident. Exploding batteries and banning items from being checked in isn’t new in the Aviation industry. Back in 2016, Samsung had an issue with the batteries in the Samsung Note 7 and what come from that? Airlines around the world started to ban them first from being checked in ,then, being carried onboard altogether, luckily for Apple the problem isn’t widespread enough that it calls for the product to be completely banned from the air.

At this time in Australia, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair have all banned the ability to check in a 15-inch Macbook Pro. You’ll still be able to carry the item in your hand baggage at this time.

a large airplane taking off

Qantas 747

Important things to note:

  • This new rule applies to all services, no matter the destination or class of service
  • This new policy will be in affect until further notice
  • Most airlines are saying that even though the items maybe brought onboard, the items will have to stay off for the duration of the flight
  • Apple is offering to replace the batteries free of charge
  • The United States were the first start implementing bans for the device
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These bans have been in affect of the past couple of days with Virgin and Qantas adding these bans followed by Jetstar and Tigerair more recently.

These bans have been in use in the United States since last month, it’s interesting to see how long other countries take to apply similar policies.

While this is quite interesting and a little concerning, I’m actually interested to know how many people would elect to check in their device in the first place? I never want to check in a suitcase full of clothes, let alone an expensive electronic device.

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