A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was actually excited to review China Eastern First. From what I’ve heard from many people, it would be an ‘interesting’ experience. Well, I just booked it…

The most comments I got were about the soft product. The language barrier is apparently very big and I may have trouble with that. The second thing is the food onboard, I’ve been told that’s it nothing special and go in with an open mind.

China Eastern First Class

Besides that, the hard product actually looks pretty good. The cabin has only 6 seats and the two middle seats can be joined together to make a double bed, very similar to Singapore Suites.

For the flight, I used a total of 152,000 Qantas points which may sound like a lot but for Qantas but that’s pretty average. Availability on China Eastern First is wide open on most routes that it operates on, probably because no one actually goes out of their way to fly it 😉

China Eastern First Class

Why China Eastern First Class?

I’m flying this to U.S and there’s a reason I’m doing it. Sure, I could have taken Cathay First ClassVirgin Australia Business ClassSingapore Suites or 100 other products but it’s something different and I’ve only seen 1 review of it online so I thought it would be cool to do.

This will also be my first time on China Eastern and visiting Shanghai which will be interesting.

Have you flown China Eastern First, if so what was your experience like?